How a whiteboard gets dirty – protecting and preserving boards

A whiteboard has many uses; it supports brainstorming sessions, effective meetings and acts as a display area for communicating important news.

Many people will use a whiteboard on a regular basis, so there’s nothing worse than finding the office dry erase board is too stained or damaged to use. Even with a good cleaning regime, sometimes whiteboards become dirty and are not in the optimal condition for use. In that case, it may be time to consider what is causing the stains and look at how to prevent them in future.

Identifying the causes

There are many ways a whiteboard can become stained or damaged. To pinpoint the root of the issue, here are a few simple questions to ask:

Is your whiteboard dirty due to ink residue, ghosting and smearing?

  • Ink residue – a copy of pen writing is left behind on the board’s surface where an inappropriate whiteboard pen is used
  • Ghosting – this occurs over a long period of time when writing leaves a permanent white stain on the board
  • Smearing – this happens if unsuitable cleaning products or dirty whiteboard erasers are used

Where is the whiteboard or easel positioned in the room?

  • Close to floor level – this can leave it at risk of picking up dirt from the ground
  • Near a door – this could leave the whiteboard susceptible to staining, denting or chipping from the door opening and closing
  • Next to desks – employees working away at their desks may unintentionally stain or dent their whiteboard due to their close proximity to it
  • Too close to passers by – whiteboards can often sustain damage when people walk too close to it, for example knocking the board when carrying a box or scratching it with their cufflinks

How are you cleaning the whiteboard?

  • Check the whiteboard eraser – a dirty cloth will only cause the board to become even more stained
  • Check the cleaning spray – make sure your spray is working effectively on tough marker pen stains


Nobo’s stain prevention tips

Once the cause has been identified, it’s time to take action to prevent stains or damage from happening in the future. Here are some useful tricks to keep your whiteboard in great condition:

  1. Always use a clean whiteboard eraser to wipe the board and keep it stored in a clean, dry area between uses
  2. Invest in a whiteboard renovator spray to use once a month, to ensure the surface remains in pristine condition and enhance its lifespan
  3. As well as regular weekly or monthly cleans, aim to give the board a quick “mini clean” every day that will identify any developing stains or dents and allow you to prevent them from worsening

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