What helps and hinders productivity in the office?


Companies are constantly searching for ways to keep their costs as low as possible and a common method of achieving this is by improving the efficiency of working practices. In order for managers to improve the time management of their employees, it is vital they understand what does and doesn’t enhance a productive working environment.

 Overcoming productivity killers

A common productivity hazard is mobile phones. In a survey from Career Builder, 24% of workers admitted to taking personal calls and texting during their working day. Social media has also risen up the time waster ranks as another prevalent productivity killer. 38% of managers stated that they believed employees using social networking sites are now the biggest workplace disruption. Meetings are also cited as a time waster. Repeatedly turning out to be unproductive and lacking in direction, employees are often emerging from meetings without any new objectives or actions.

Technology: productivity’s best friend?

Office technology has become a well-known productivity challenge. 7% of office workers stated that having to deal with technology malfunctioning or operating slowly is a major productivity issue. However when working efficiently, technology serves as an essential means for good time management. The office shredder is regularly associated with productive working as it is a tool used by almost all organisations. Employees are constantly required to shred, be it sensitive personal data or large internal company documents. Using an unreliable shredder ultimately wastes time that could be spent on more stimulating and meaningful tasks. Managers should be aware of this when choosing their office shredder. Rexel recognises what is required of a shredder and have designed an Auto Feed range that supports better management of time by taking 98% less time to shred documents.

 Constructing a strategy for a productive office

Developing ways to increase productivity is straightforward. Experts recommend making simple changes, for example, maintaining a well lit and ventilated area for working which will improve productivity rates by 16%. Creating the right organisational culture is also crucial to working efficiently. HR researchers have shown that companies with a strong learning culture are 37% more productive. Strongly communicating the values of the company is a common way of inspiring a productive workforce.

Introducing an Auto Feed shredder into the office would also strengthen the development of a workplace productivity strategy. It supports the fundamentals of productivity – finding the method that is the most simple, easy and, above all, quick way to carry out any task.

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