We’re Jammin … and I hope you like Jammin too!

The old Bob Marley favourite brings another key insight to mind. The biggest hate across a range of office / stationary products is that awful moment when they jam. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pouch jamming in a lamination machine, a staple in a paper stapler or that dreaded moment when the paper shredder jams; that annoying and totally frustrating moment when the machine stops with a sheath of half-shredded paper stuck in its mouth and no amount of tugging or pulling will free it.

You may argue that this is somewhat obvious and we’d have to agree. However until the issue was recognised and the engineers assigned the task of sorting out the problem jamming happened on a regular basis. Fortunately the solutions can be very simple; a range of paper shredders with a simple stop / go indicator that won’t allow more paper to be pushed into its throat than it is capable of destroying in one go. The stapler range that has its very own staples designed so that the machine will work beautifully every time!

The Rexel Mercury range of paper shredders features patented anti jam technology and the Rexel range of Optima Staplers has its own range of staples guaranteed to deliver performance.