How to use mind mapping to run effective brainstorming meetings

We’ve all had that moment standing in front of an audience, either in class or at work, trying to brainstorm ideas with a group of people who have nothing to say. So what can we do to get the conversation flowing?

A mind map is a great solution to encourage colleagues to get involved and brainstorm new ideas. It’s a very simple idea but very effective. Write your object of discussion on a sheet of paper or whiteboard and then create visual “branches” and “sub-branches” of ideas and suggestions related to the discussion point to bring it to life, turning your unproductive meeting into a great brainstorming session. From there you can take the ideas discussed and start formulating a plan to realise them.

The benefits of mind mapping

A flow chart showing the progression of discussion is not only useful as a visual aid, helping to make the session a good meeting but it also has many hidden advantages. Let’s take a closer look at what these are:

  • Adds structure – wild suggestions can be turned into structured ideas
  • Stretches imagination – team members feel encouraged to think outside the box
  • Increases engagement – colleagues feel included as they get the opportunity to pitch in
  • Allows collaboration of ideas – more than one suggestion can often be combined into a much stronger proposition
  • Outlines specific goals – a clear visual journey from idea conception to implementation makes it simple to identify ongoing objectives
  • Improves organisation – the use of coloured marker pens helps keep things clear and easy to follow, making for an effective meeting

The tools you need

The key to a successful mind map is using the right tools. Of course a whiteboard is essential but make sure you have sufficient coloured whiteboard pens and erasers for your session. Our whiteboard selector will help you choose the best Nobo whiteboard for your room so you can allow participants to brainstorm freely on a giant whiteboard surface and alter ideas for more effective meetings.

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