Rexel’s top workplace lighting hacks


Today’s employees will tend to spend most of their time at work indoors, whether that’s at home or within a company office. A major part of that indoor environment is the lighting. We often don’t think lighting is that important – as long as we can see the computer screen in front of us, it’s fine. But in reality, the strength and type of lighting we use to work does impact on our productivity and wellbeing.

A recent study found that 68% of employees surveyed had complained about the lighting situation in their offices, suggesting that lighting is actually at the forefront of many employees’ minds. So why does light matter? Poor lighting can result in discomfort whilst working, for example eye strain, enhancing glare on computer screens and in some cases, it can even lead to postural problems. So, in fact lighting is a major contributor to our wellbeing levels at work.

Shine the right light

When adjusting light, it’s important to remember that different tasks require varied lighting and positioning. For example, too much light while working on a computer can result in a glare on the screen. Another top tip is to consider the time of day you’re working in order to proactively change the lighting.

Positioning of light is also crucial. While many offices simply use overhead lighting, a desk lamp may be a better option for some tasks.

Consider also the type of light used in the workplace. It is widely known that natural daylight is the best kind. Studies have shown that while artificial sources of light left employees feeling more tired at the end of the day, daylight resulted in participants feeling more energetic and alert, allowing them to work for longer.

Top hacks for a brighter day

Now we know why lighting levels in the workplace are important, here are a few of our tricks to ensure you have a bright day both in and out of the office:

  1. Get outside

Make the most of your lunch hour by taking time away from your desk and going outside to enjoy the wellbeing benefits of fresh air and sunlight. A short stroll outside may be what you need to have a productive afternoon at your desk.

  1. Be flexible

While you may be accustomed to sitting in a certain area of the office every day, it may be the time to move. If you find that you’re not getting enough natural light at your current desk, it may be time to seek out a new seat.

  1. Bring the daylight to your desk

When moving around isn’t possible, there are other ways to bring daylight to your workspace. Rexel’s ActiVita Daylight desk lamps are designed to mimic the benefits of natural daylight, rejuvenating and energising you to continue working efficiently throughout the day.

Incorporating some of these simple tips could well be what you need to improve productivity levels and of course, your wellbeing and comfort at work. Innovative daylight lamps by Rexel ActiVita not only deliver the energy boosting benefits of daylight but also enable users to choose and work with the light they need depending on the task, without impacting co-workers. To find out more about the Rexel ActiVita desk lamps, please visit the Rexel website or follow Rexel on Twitter @rexeleurope.