Top 5 Tips To Increase Productivity In Your Workplace

Picture this. Your workers are standing around, sipping cups of coffee, chatting happily away blissfully unaware of the endless tasks that need to get completed.

But you’re still happy to pay them, right? Hmmm…Of course not!

Obviously no boss worth their salt would pay workers who so obviously flaunt the rules and waste their work time. But ask yourself this, what if it’s actually your practices that are slashing your staff productivity? Are hours and hours of staff time being wasted with outdated equipment that is keeping your workers from doing their actual jobs? Is it time you looked at how your influence could get your workforce achieving far more?
It’s not enough for workers to simply have a job, office or company to work in and bag a cheque at the end the week. Whether it be large, small – or anything in between – every business should be driven by efficiency and achievement. An unmotivated workforce disillusioned by outdated policies and equipment they is an unhappy workforce – and an unproductive one at that.

If productivity slips, quite simply your business is going to suffer. So here’s some top tips to increase productivity:

1 – Encourage and reward your staff for their good work
Always have words of encouragement for hard-working staff to help them do even better. If a worker feels their efforts are going unnoticed then it won’t take long for them slow down or even look for a new job. And if your company can go the extra mile to show the most efficient workers how much they mean with material compliments, such as trips, meals or holidays, then even better!

2 – Spend less time talking and more time ‘doing’
We’ve all been there…sitting in a meeting to discuss the last meeting about the meeting before that. But this current trend of talking about results rather than letting your team get on and achieve them simply leads to precious productive time being lost. Meetings to share ideas don’t need to go on for hours. Keep them brief and give your staff more time to show what they’re made of.

3 – A happy workforce is an efficient workforce
No business needs a David Brent ‘crack-a-gag-a-minute’-style boss to keep the staff laughing every day, but the stats show that the best performing employee is the happy employee. Are the working conditions you provide up to scratch? Make sure your staff are happy. As well as working conditions make sure you devise ways of making the work seem interesting and challenging rather than boring.

4 – Encourage team work
Workplace productivity will increase if team work is encouraged as workers get together to share their thoughts and bounce ideas off each other. Singling out individual members of staff can isolate them from their colleagues and create divisions in your workforce when ultimately every business should be working in unison towards the same end goal.

5 – Get the best equipment that saves your staff time
Every workplace should be fitted out with the best machinery and devices to free up staff to deliver the best results in the minimum possible time. Efficient office equipment can save precious staff time that would otherwise have been wasted with unproductive work. Stats show that swapping the old-school manual shredders, which require individual sheets of paper to be fed into the machine, with Auto Feed shredders that take up to 750 sheets in every go, will save 98% of current shredding time and increase staff productivity. Invest in the best equipment and reap the rewards!

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