The ‘ideal’ office for a productive day at work


Does the look and feel of an office affect the productivity of the employees working there? Organisations now take a lot of time and effort to design a workspace that looks good, feels inviting and most importantly, creates the atmosphere that employees love to work in. Some of the biggest brands in the world are known for their cool and vibrant workspaces, such as the cutting-edge designs of the famous Google offices.

But how can managers create the ‘ideal’ office? The first step is getting the right balance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Working in uncomfortable temperatures is a common complaint from office workers and temperature has been shown to drastically impact productivity rates. Studies suggest that temperatures above 25°C can lead to a 2% decrease in efficient working. Another consideration for the productive office is ventilation. Research has shown that poor ventilation can result in Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), which ultimately reduces the productive output of an organisation’s workforce.

Natural light is another consideration for creating the ‘ideal’ office. Researchers have found that poor lighting in an office makes employees feel tired, leaving them unable to focus on their work.

The tools for the ‘ideal’ office

Choosing the right equipment is also fundamental to creating the ‘ideal’ office. It goes without saying that devices including laptops, phones and tablets are a must for productive work. In order to work efficiently as well as communicate with others, employees rely on their devices to be in working order every time they use them. Technology that isn’t working will of course impact and reduce the output of employees.

Electricals, such as office printers, shredders and laminators, are all vital to consider when thinking about productivity in the workplace. Choosing a shredder that operates quickly and requires little manual operation is a must for a productive office. Rexel’s Auto Feed shredder range uses patented technology to automatically shred up to 750 sheets, bringing an end to manual shredders wasting precious working hours in the office. Instead simply stack, shut, done!

Creating the ‘ideal’ office atmosphere

The ‘ideal’ atmosphere should reflect the organisation’s personality as well as optimise the productivity of employees. Colour is a commonly used atmospheric tool and researchers have demonstrated that employees respond to colour in different ways depending on their task. For example the colour blue can be used to encourage creativity, while red colours in the office are said to help employees working on tasks that require a greater attention to detail. Above all to maximise productivity, the atmosphere should be positive and a place where employees feel good about both themselves and their role in the organisation.

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