The Environment, Recycling, Discarded Rubbish and ID Theft

The trend towards recycling whether residential or in business has potentially given rise to an increase in identity theft. Whether it is the curb-side recycling bins outside your home, or specific re-cycling areas within / outside business premises, in town centres or other public places, the drive to sort the rubbish and place it in categorised containers means that the job of the identity thief has just got easy. Without realising what we are doing we are collecting together all the “good stuff” and it is no longer mixed-in with the soiled rubbish.

How do you dispose of the following: –

• Invoices
• Travel records
• Credit card statements
• Pre-approved credit offers
• Tax information
• Pay stubs
• Bank & Financial statements
• Personal contact, Employee, customer, supplier details
• Strategic planning information

Looking after the environment is a good thing, however sometimes well intentioned actions have un-intended consequences. Using a shredder prior to disposal is your key weapon against identity theft and the resulting pieces are easy to mulch!