Benefits of Staying Protected

There are countless ways in which businesses and consumers can get affected by identity theft and fraud. Poor business practices and inadequate security can lead businesses to a loss of clients, expensive fines and even liability suits. It… Read More

Shred your Personal Information to Stay Secure

In an environment where keeping sensitive documents is continuously being compromised, it is important to have protocols in place that will alleviate ID fraud and document breaches. While training employees on how to handle important documents is a… Read More

5 Steps to Protect Your Identity

As the owner of a small business, you control many documents that could expose your identity and many more that could expose the identities of your customers, your business partners and product providers. You have the responsibility to… Read More

Why “My Fantasy Stapler”?

Consumer insight doesn’t just apply to new product development. At Rexel we try to use insight in everything we do. So what lies behind the recent launch of the competition “My Fantasy Stapler”? Our research has revealed some… Read More

Can there ever be too much choice?

Have you ever tried to buy something for the first time and found the choice of products completely overwhelming? My first purchase of a WiFi router springs to mind. It was several years ago now and whilst I… Read More

We’re Jammin … and I hope you like Jammin too!

The old Bob Marley favourite brings another key insight to mind. The biggest hate across a range of office / stationary products is that awful moment when they jam. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pouch jamming in… Read More

Everything we do is driven by you!

Rexel Auto+100 shredder The Ford Motor Company ran an advertising campaign under this headline in the mid 90s. Engaging images, backed by the Brian May / Queen track “Driven by You” assured the potential purchaser that every detail… Read More


So what’s this blog about and why are we doing it? Firstly, we aim to take you behind the scenes at Rexel and highlight the “why” behind the things that we do. At Rexel we use a process… Read More