Storm “Cloud” Brewing?

2011 has been labelled by at least one commentator as the year of the breach! There seems to have been a constant stream of hacks, breaches and threats. So far this year major companies such as RSA, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Amazon have all been the target of hackers. Most recently Sony announced that its consumer cloud service has been hacked and as a result as many as 77 million users may have become potential identity theft victims with vulnerable data including credit card information.

Amidst all these hi-tech assaults it is easy to lose sight of the basics. Without thinking many people become more vulnerable to fraud, whether at home or work, by the simple act of throwing away paper containing sensitive information; name, address, sensitive company information and banking details. Whilst on a British Airways flight recently I noted a statistic in the Business Life magazine; 10% of British bank customers keep their PIN in their wallet with their cash / credit cards. Whilst there is much for companies to do to ensure the safety of all our data, we can each take mitigating action to ensure we don’t fall victim to identity theft from the old fashioned methods!

Shredding won’t solve all the identity theft issues but it certainly helps and Rexel has a complete range of paper shredders to choose from!