Stationery offers limitless possibilities


The digital age has not dampened Europe’s love of stationery. Staplers, hole punchers, desk organisers, filing trays, highlighters, scissors – you’ll find them all in abundance in most offices.

That’s because stationery is an essential aspect of any workplace. Used to complete a variety of tasks, stationery helps to keep the entire office organised. But why do so many people in workplaces around the world love it?

Stationery boosts employee creativity

Stationery is all about variety and the different categories are endless. This rich array of equipment can have a profound impact on working practices and particularly, the creativity of employees. Described as having the ability to “unleash creative potential,” stationery is looked upon by some as a source of limitless possibility. It’s assuring to know that in a moment of inspiration there’s always a notebook and pen to hand.

Even individual items can be a source of creativity. The JOY stationery range combines standout colours and ergonomic designs to help users feel stimulated in the workplace. Thanks to the newly extended range, employees can even coordinate a wide range of essential tools.

Supporting productive working

Keeping a rich supply of stationery in offices will not only aid creativity among employees but also to improve productivity. In fact, the JOY colours were selected due to their ability to help stimulate the brain to work efficiently. Using stationery to maintain an efficient workplace seems simple enough, but research shows an employee’s lack of organisation can in fact be responsible for creating a negative impression with colleagues. Surprisingly, a survey by Adecco revealed 57% of respondents would judge their colleagues on a messy desk.

Keeping offices running smoothly is a big part of optimising productivity and stationery plays a vital role in organisation. Even though documents are increasingly stored online, the offline filing system still needs regular attention.

A survey of 1500 workers recently found that 72% admitted to feeling less productive when working in a disorganised office – so it’s clear how important a tidy office really is.

Managing stationery in the workplace

It is common for office tools to regularly go missing throughout the year. A great way to get the best out of stationery is to introduce a ‘stationery amnesty’. Employees can set out some time to go through the office stationery cupboard, empty their drawers and throw away anything that’s broken. Replenishing low stocks and discarding faulty items will be a great way to ensure that stationery stock is always kept in check.

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