Do you fancy taking part in a Shred-A-Thon?

In the US events known as “Shred-A-Thon” are taking place up and down the nation. The concept is simple; take your personal, sensitive or confidential documentation to a central point and join others in a mass shred! There is something cathartic and social about the programme in a land where identity theft has a much greater profile than here in Europe.

We can’t lay claim to the idea but we what about this for a twist! In a recent article (see Rexel News: How Safe is your Business?) we discussed the size of the identity theft issue here in Europe and commented that the starting point for effective action is awareness amongst all staff, not just senior management. Why not try a Shred-A-Thon?

What is a Shred-A-Thon; at its simplest it is an awareness day (or period) linked to positive group action. Use your internal communication channels to raise awareness of corporate fraud and identity theft issues; intranet, email, posters by the coffee machine. Then set aside a lunchtime, put on some catering and invite staff to bring both company confidential and personal documents to a central location (the staff restaurant, conference room, break out area) for a public shredding.

The benefits; you will ensure that one batch of sensitive material is properly destroyed. You will raise the awareness of identity theft within your organisation and start a new behaviour towards the destruction of documents. You can even use it to launch a comprehensive review and proactive strategies.

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