Selling Auto Feed to the European market

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Launching in 2008, ACCO Brands’ first Auto Feed shredder, the Rexel Auto Plus 500 quickly proved to be popular across Europe. Key markets Germany, France and the UK enjoyed strong growth of the category as businesses took advantage of the benefits the technology offered to them. In fact, figures show that whilst the overall B2B shredding market was experiencing a slowdown in growth, Auto Feed was flourishing.

Rexel’s previous blog explored the opportunities that the Auto Feed market offers. So how can dealers reach out to Europe markets and introduce new customers to the category?

European expansion

After its introduction to the European shredding market, dealers and customers alike were quick to realise the benefits that Auto Feed technology offered, contributing to the category’s strong growth. In the lead were France, Germany and the UK, all showing positive growth. Figures from GfK reveal that from 2011 to 2015, value share of Auto Feed rose from 5.4% to 19% in the UK and between 2012 and 2015, value share grew from 5.4% to 17.5% in Germany and 14% to 29.1% in France. These figures are still rising, resulting in very attractive market conditions for office products dealers and presenting an unmissable opportunity to be at the forefront of new technologies.

Auto Feed technology offers a superior solution to manual shredding devices, meaning businesses are willing to pay the premium to enjoy the advantages. Comparison figures show that the value of Auto Feed is more than three times the price point of manual shredders. This is a lucrative opportunity for dealers which are already operating in key European markets, as well as those who wish to enter the category.

Motivations to shred

Following the quick uptake of Auto Feed shredding in Europe, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. So it’s important that dealers understand customer motivations to continue providing a solution that meets their needs. The popularity of secure shredding solutions can be attributed to increased security concerns and the introduction of EU data protection regulations. Businesses and individuals now have a legal responsibility to protect their data and third parties’, and to ensure that once used, it is destroyed properly and securely.

Productivity is another key motivator for the European market that dealers should be aware of. ONS statistics show that UK productivity rates are lagging behind France and Germany by 21%. Businesses will be looking to improve overall efficiency using new technologies that speed up essential office tasks. Auto Feed technology ensures fast and pain free shredding of up to 750 document pages at once, removing the need to waste valuable working time destroying paper manually.

Looking to the future

So where next for the Auto Feed market in Europe? Figures from ACCO Brands predict that the category could account for almost a third of the overall B2B shredder market by 2018, a huge leap from 4% in 2011. As Auto Feed continues to grow, dealers will have more opportunity to bring Auto Feed to new and existing customers in Europe.

To help facilitate market entry for dealers in Europe, ACCO Brands has launched two industry leading Auto Feed promotions offering customers up to €130 cash back or a Buy & Try trial on a range of models in the innovative Rexel Auto Feed range.

ACCO Brands recently launched the first of four white papers offering dealers in-depth insights into how Auto Feed technology has transformed the shredding market. To download the white paper, visit: