Rexel’s top 5 paper shredders for small and medium businesses

Selecting the right paper shredder to use in an SME environment can be confusing. You will no doubt find a lot of information about shredder cut, security level, capacity and speed when researching different models, each claiming to be the right choice for an SME office. This can make the buying process confusing and often results in the purchase of a shredder that doesn’t fully meet your workplace requirements.

Rexel is here to help ensure you get the best shredder that suits your working environment, be that in the office or at home. Here are our top 5 paper shredders for small and medium businesses:

  1. Finance/ HR – Auto+ 750M
  • A high security shredder is essential for these departments. The Auto+ 750M shreds documents into 2,000 pieces providing the security demanded for financial and strategic documents.
  • Auto Feed technology allows up to 750 sheets to be shredded “hands-free” at one time which is ideal for departments generating a lot of printed documents

  1. Executive office – Auto+ 130M
  • Ideal for an executive office, the Auto+ 130M provides P-5 level security that shreds a document into 2,000 pieces. The bin stores up to 26L of shredded paper so doesn’t require emptying too frequently.
  • Documents of up to 130 pages can be loaded into the machine’s chamber and shredded at once.

  1. Marketing/ sales team – Mercury RLX20
  • This machine is designed for volume and is a strong alternative to shredding services that collect and shred off site. Jam Free and Self Clean technology guarantees hassle free and mess free shredding.
  • The RLX20 is designed to serve 20 users and will shred 1,100 sheets before the bin requires emptying.

  1. Warehouse staff – Rexel RLWX39
  • This is a wide entry shredder which means it can shred A3 as well as A4 sheets meaning it’s suitable for shredding delivery and packaging slips of all sizes.
  • A large 175L bin and the ability to cut through staples and paper clips with Jam Free and Self Clean capabilities make this a low maintenance machine ideal for a shift pattern, multi-user environment such as a warehouse.

  1. Home office – Promax RPX612
  • Many domestic shredders will shred for a few minutes and then need to cool down before shredding can continue. The Promax RPX612 overcomes this with superior cooling technology and will run for longer than equivalent models, making it ideal for people who shred in batches.
  • Promax’s small footprint and stylish design makes it ideal for the home office.

Choosing the right shredder for your team

Our interactive shredder selector will simply assess your specific shredding requirements and then provide you with its recommended models based on the information given. Start your shredder search here.

From large shredders to small machines, quiet shredders to models with high security Micro Cut capabilities, Rexel shredders meet all SME requirements. From now until 30th April 2017, you will also receive cashback when purchasing selected Mercury and Auto Feed shredders. Find out more by visiting the Rexel website or following us on Twitter @rexeleurope.