Rexel’s top 10 back to school stationery essentials

With September fast approaching, teachers and students alike are preparing themselves for the new school year. Going back to school after a summer break may be tough, so to help ease the transition we’ve put together 10 stationery essentials that will help you get the most from the upcoming term.

  1. Desk organisers

From letter trays to table top waste bins, desk accessories help to keep your classroom tidy and organised. Desk organisers offer a convenient means of dealing with the high activity area that is a classroom desk. For example, tiered letter trays can help to organise work waiting to be marked, whilst desk tidies are perfect for storing pens and pencils, making them easy to reach and accessible.

  1. Colourful pen pot

Brightly coloured stationery allows teachers to add a touch of colour and personality to their desks. Colours such as blue and green have also been proven to have a positive impact on productivity and alertness. Our JOY range pen cups are available in pink, blue, green and purple and are great for keeping pens, pencils, scissors and other miscellaneous equipment together in one place.

  1. Lever arch files

Filing systems and folders are crucial to keep a classroom organised and aesthetically pleasing. Lever arch files are great for storing lesson plans and classwork. Coloured files can help to separate classes or age groups.

  1. Laminator

Laminators are a perfect addition to any classroom. They help to preserve schoolwork, create eye-catching displays or produce important documents. GBC Fusion laminators have intelligent controls that enable exceptionally fast lamination and conserve energy when not in use.

  1. Stapler & hole punch

Another must have tool for your classroom are staplers and hole punches. Both allow documents to be filed and kept together neatly. Electric staplers can deal with large volumes of paper, making highly repetitive stapling jobs simple and consistent. Our range of reliable hole punches are perfect for occasional use or for dealing with a large volume on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Whiteboard accessories

Marker pens, whiteboard erasers and a whiteboard cleaner are essentials for all teachers. Research has shown how colour can stimulate specific brain functions, proving the need for coloured whiteboard markers to keep students engaged in lessons. In order to keep your whiteboard in good condition it must be well looked after, erasers and cleaners prevent your board from the effects of ghosting.

  1. Smart notepad

Notebooks are an obvious essential, perfect for a number of uses from writing lesson plans or making to do lists. The Rexel JOY notepads are not only available in a number of eye catching colours but have a polypropylene cover to protect notes from wear and tear. Notepads with subject dividers are also useful for organisational purposes.

  1. Scissors

Productivity is key in the classroom environment and all items of stationery should ensure that the user can perform tasks efficiently. Rexel’s X3 Scissors provide 300% more cutting power than conventional scissors, making them a useful addition for any teacher.

  1. Tape dispenser

Tape dispensers may not always be considered as a stationery essential, however, for teachers, tape is a must have for creating displays and holding schoolbooks together. Rexel’s JOY tape dispenser has a non-slip base to aid easy use and its rounded shape means it makes a sleek addition to any desk.

  1. Wall planner

An academic year planner is essential for anyone working in education. Sasco’s 2017/2018 Academic Planner runs from August to July with all UK and ROI public holidays clearly marked. Calendars allow for forward planning and organisation of classes and deadlines.

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