How to clean your whiteboard – The Nobo Guide

Whiteboards have been a prominent feature in workplaces and classrooms for decades. A useful tool for encouraging creative flow, dry erase boards facilitate all types of group tasks.

The whiteboard was invented back in the 1950s as an alternative to the dated blackboard and became readily available by the early 60s. However, these new types of board didn’t really become mainstream in offices for another 30 years. This was because cleaning a whiteboard was a difficult and time consuming process, as people only had damp cloth or tissue available to them, which inevitably did not properly clean the board.

Now thanks to the introduction of dry erase board pens and erasers, it is much easier to clean and maintain a whiteboard. To ensure you get the best of your board, we’ve put together some hints and tips.

Caring for the whiteboard surface

There are three key areas of whiteboard care to keep in mind when cleaning your board. These are:

  1. Ink residue – where a colour copy of writing is left on the board, due to use of an unsuitable pen or insufficient cleaning after use
  2. Smearing – occurs when unsuitable cleaning products or dirty erasers are used to wipe the board’s surface
  3. Ghosting – not to be confused with ink residue, ghosting is when writing leaves a permanent white stain on the board (this usually happens over a long period of time)

It’s important to keep in mind that different surface types require different levels of attention. For example, if your dry erase board is made from painted steel like Nobo Nano Clean, it will require daily or at least weekly cleaning to maintain it.

However, enamel surfaces such as Nobo’s Prestige Enamel boards don’t need as much attention and monthly cleaning is sufficient to preserve the whiteboard’s surface. Diamond Glass boards require minimal maintenance, thanks to the extremely durable, high quality surface. You would only need to clean your glass board after use as a courtesy to the next user.

A winning whiteboard cleaning regime

Cleaning and maintaining whiteboards isn’t the most glamourous job but it’s essential in order for everyone to benefit from using them. Encouraging the entire office to look after and clean their board after use can be challenging. Take a look at our top tips for implementing a successful workplace whiteboard cleaning regime:

  • Create eye catching signage to display around the whiteboard eraser and the board itself, reminding users of the correct ways to clean a board
  • Explain to your team that a whiteboard supports brainstorming sessions and the generation of creative ideas
  • Talk to your staff about the importance of whiteboard maintenance and the different cleaning requirements for each surface type
  • Discuss the technology behind the whiteboards so they appreciate why maintenance matters

If correctly cared for, whiteboards are an invaluable tool for all types of workplaces. The presence of a board in an office encourages collaboration and offers a space for employees to communicate their thoughts and ideas to colleagues. A magnetic whiteboard is also useful as a display tool. It’s certainly worth ensuring that your whiteboards are kept in excellent condition.

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