Identity theft: Don’t be complacent

Twitter is a great source of information if you know how to use it. I recently came across a blog via a Tweet entitled “Identity Theft Part 2 – 5 More Identity Theft Myths Unveiled” The author, Robert Sicilliano outlines 5 common myths that lull the unwary into a false sense of security.

Awareness is the starting point for mitigation so here are 5 key complacencies to be aware of
1. My information in the public domain isn’t valuable
2. If I don’t use the internet I’m OK
3. I only share my details with my close connections on social media sites
4. Shopping / banking online is less secure than the high street or mall
5. Shredding everything gives me total protection

As a company that markets paper shredders you may be surprised at the inclusion of the last point. However we aren’t saying don’t shred; quite the opposite. However you also need to be aware of the first 4 points and take appropriate mitigation actions; be careful what you share online, be vigilant when paying by credit or debit card in a store or restaurant and be aware that your personal details are held by many institutions and are potentially at risk.