Have You Properly Managed The Cost vs Quality Balance?

They say that you can’t have it all.

But, quite frankly, what do they know, eh?

It’s fair enough to be cynical. We’ve been conditioned over time to live by the motto ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’. Remember being told by council bosses – as they announce news of millions of pounds of cuts and hundreds of staff redundancies – that bins will be emptied as often as before and that no services will suffer. ‘Yeah, course they will’, you cry in disbelief. Because as we all know, as the axe is wielded and the savings are made, quality is going to be affected.

But that’s not to say quality can’t be kept at a premium even with costs being cut. Bear with me so I can explain…

For every business there will always be a balancing act to contend with. On one hand there’s the need to keep costs low. The most successful entrepreneurs do not splash the cash at every turn without keeping a close eye on where every penny is spent.

Every day questions need to be asked: Do we need such a big workforce? Do we need to pay out for so many hours? Do we need to move into bigger premises? Wouldn’t it be cheaper in the short term to stick with the technology we’ve got?

And then there’s the other side of the scales to remember. It’s all well and good slashing the costs for a short-term boost. But at what cost in the long run?

Quite often in the workplace, ruthless cuts have signaled the start of the end. A short sharp boost in the bank balance is one thing, but when these savings are seeing you sacrificing on quality it is only going to lead to one thing: you waving goodbye to your customers and ultimately your business.

Thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom. There really is technology on the market that can not only save the coffers, but actually allow you to utilise your workforce properly and therefore not only maintain the quality of output, but actually improve it.

Patented Auto Feed technology developed by Rexel in shredders has transformed the way businesses work. Forget thousands of pounds being spent on staff wasting hours using outdated manual shredders, or the high costs – and security issues – involved with outsourcing shredding. Auto Feed shredders are the future when it comes to cutting costs AND improving quality. Workers can simply stack in up to 850 sheets of paper in one go, shut the lid and voila! – they can then get on with the important work that your business depends on. Figures show that investing in Auto Feed shredders can cut costs by 65% and save 98% of current shredding time.

So there you have it – Cost cutting does not always mean sacrificing on quality. One simple step can mean having it all.