Getting smart with productivity


Smart technology is having a major impact on the productivity of many global organisations. Throughout the world, organisations are already using smart technologies, ranging from security control to the management of energy saving initiatives. The generation of digital natives that are now entering the workplace are also helping boost the presence of smart technologies by bringing their love of all things digital to the office.

The integration of smart technology comes at a time which had previously been earmarked as ‘the beginning of the end to the office as we know it’. The office environment is indeed changing, but not in the way some experts once thought. The 2015 Smarter Futures report from Samsung stated that in fact, the use of smart technology ensures that offices will continue to be a hub for productivity and collaboration.

Using smart building sensors to improve staff productivity

The IoT is set to revolutionise the workplace in new and exciting ways. There are a variety of smart sensors powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) already found in offices, which are improving productivity considerably. Some new office buildings are so sophisticated that they are able to automatically adjust workplace environments to suit the needs of employees, through the use of connected heating and lighting systems.

Billions of devices are set to be connected through the giant IoT web.

For example, in many offices, towel dispensers are now programmed to alert Facilities Management (FM) staff when the bathroom is ready to be cleaned, resulting in a more efficient use of time by FM contractors. Sensors embedded into office plants can be programmed to send alerts to an employee’s smartphone when it needs more water. Similar sensor technologies can be built into printers that send alerts when consumables such as paper or toner need replacing.

The impact of smart technology devices

The integration of smart technology in offices goes beyond the use of building sensors. Found on every employee’s desk is a smartphone which supports productivity in a number of ways. Personal digital assistants have had a huge impact on time management and productivity, helping staff to stay focused on their objectives. Other less obvious office equipment also includes a range of smart features, such as Rexel’s Auto Feed shredders. The integration of innovative technology means that users can simply drop all paper into the machine and with the press of a button, leave it to automatically shred without any manual operation.

The office of the future

The possibilities for smart technology in the future that supports productive working are endless. Driverless cars powered by the IoT will allow employees to catch up on work related activities on the way to work. One day, the office may even have artificially intelligent robots to relieve staff of their non-core activities, such as admin.

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