Getting your business in order – tips for SMEs

An organised business is a productive business. According to research conducted by Brother International Corporation, the average employee spends up to 76 hours per year looking for misplaced items in the office or on their computer, costing €149billion in lost productivity every year. This proves why being organised is such an indispensible skill for small businesses, especially in increasing the productivity levels of employees. Let’s now review in more detail some of the many advantages.

How does staying organised affect SMEs?

Lower stress levels

Working in a clean, neat and organised environment relieves stress and helps employees to think clearer. A cluttered workspace can result in a jumbled mind. Researchers from Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have shown that chaos and clutter infringe upon the ability to focus as physical clutter overloads the senses, making you feel stressed and anxious.

Increased productivity

Research from the National Association of Professional Organisations has proven a direct correlation between productivity and clutter. Disorder and mess are simply piles of distractions, causing a loss of focus, which negatively affects productivity levels. A clean workspace is also likely to encourage others in the office to work better, resulting in overall higher productivity levels.

More time

Imagine what could be achieved in the 76 hours the average employee wastes when looking for misplaced items and searching through endless computer files. By organising files and documents, relocating items becomes easier and quicker, allowing those 76 hours to be optimised for completing real work.

With the benefits of keeping organised now clear, how can the owners and team leaders of SMEs ensure that their staff stay productive?

  1. Provide the correct tools to shred

Decluttering and organising workspaces should not jeopardise the paper security levels of a business. Ensuring employees have the tools to safely and securely dispose of sensitive documents is highly important. Rexel Auto Feed shredders are not only efficient but save 98% of time spent at the shredder. To learn more on how to find the right shredder for your business, browse Rexel’s Shredder Buying Guide.

  1. Keep a stocked stationery cupboard

Maintaining a fully stocked stationery cupboard enables employees to access the essential tools they may need on a daily basis. This prevents employees wasting time sourcing their own stationery items. Instead, by providing stationery, employees have no excuse to keep a disorganised, messy workspace.

The stationery cupboard should also provide for all employees filing needs, including Lever Arch files, plastic wallets and folders, staplers and hole punches. This encourages staff to maintain their own information management systems, which are key to sustaining an organised business.

  1. Provide desk accessories for all

Desk accessories help to keep your workspace tidy and organised. Desk organisers offer a convenient means of dealing with high activity areas, for example, tiered letter trays can help to prioritise work loads, whilst desk tidies are perfect for storing pens and pencils. By providing desk accessories for all employees, organisation is encouraged from the outset of their employment.

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