Everything we do is driven by you!

Rexel Auto+100 shredder
The Ford Motor Company ran an advertising campaign under this headline in the mid 90s. Engaging images, backed by the Brian May / Queen track “Driven by You” assured the potential purchaser that every detail had been designed with the driver in mind. At the heart of the campaign is consumer insight. What is consumer insight? IBM defined it as a deep knowledge about the consumer and the marketplace that helps structure thinking and decision-making.

So how does this apply to Rexel? Rexel embraced consumer insight a number of years ago. For example the Rexel Auto Plus 100 paper shredder is based upon the simple observation that about 50 percent of users batch shred rather than shredding individual pages as they go. However there are some drawbacks to this approach; potential exposure of sensitive information prior to and during the shredding process , coupled with inadequate paper feed solutions resulting in many consumers “supervising” the shredder.

The solution is simple; a product that has a flip-open top to store securely up to 100 sheets of paper to be shredded, that pulls paper into a central cutting system tearing the sheets away from staples and shreds automatically.

The Rexel Auto Plus 100 shredder is born!