Entering the Auto Feed market

Rexel Auto Feed whitepaper infographic


In 2008, ACCO Brands launched its first Auto Feed shredder, the Rexel Auto Plus 500, followed by Cross Cut and Micro Cut models in 2011 and 2012. Since its introduction, market share for the Auto Feed category has continued to expand, reaching 20% of the overall B2B shredder market. Despite this huge growth and profit opportunity, research by ACCO Brands reveals that one third of dealers are not making the most of the category. So why isn’t every dealer fully exploiting the Auto Feed opportunity? And what is there to gain for dealers that are entering the Auto Feed category?

The current situation

Reviewing wider factors which could affect the B2B shredding market gives a clearer idea of why dealers may not be choosing to benefit from Auto Feed.

As more workplaces are implementing digital initiatives to reduce paper consumption, it’s easy to think that demand for shredding solutions is diminishing. However, figures show this is not the case. While managers are encouraging employees to only print what is necessary, organisations still rely heavily on paper. It’s estimated that 77.1 million tonnes of paper was consumed in Europe in 2014 and that global consumption of paper has increased by almost 50% since 1980. So it’s crucial that dealers continue to reach out to customers and provide them with an efficient shredding solution.

Dealers entering the Auto Feed category are benefitting greatly from its rewards, including consistent year on year growth in European markets. As well as this, the innovative technology of Auto Feed machines justifies a higher price point than traditional shredders, offering greater returns for dealers.

Communicating the advantages of Auto Feed

Auto Feed offers a range of productivity, time saving and information security benefits to customers. The technology allows users to shred multiple sheets of paper at once with little manual handling. Documents are also rendered unreadable to protect the sensitive data which they may contain. Conveying these advantages is essential to appeal to customers facing pressures to deliver cost savings while enabling productivity improvements. Businesses still consume vast amounts of paper and it is inevitable that printed documents will contain large amounts of sensitive information. Therefore it’s critical that companies have measures in place to securely and quickly destroy documents, making shredders a worthwhile investment in any workplace.

Rexel’s Auto Feed machines destroy up to 750 sheets in 98% less time than a manual shredding solution. Cross Cut and Micro Cut capabilities leave each document illegible, further reducing the risk of costly company data leaks. Dealers can also take advantage of the value for money the range offers to customers. Comparisons between manual and Auto Feed shredding show that it costs just £0.001 (€0.001) to shred one sheet of paper using Auto Feed, meaning it costs up to 90% less than a manual machine in employee productivity terms.1

To make it even easier for dealers to attract new customers to make the switch to Auto Feed, ACCO Brands is currently running an industry leading Cashback offer of up to £100 (€130) and a Buy & Try trial offer on models in its range of Rexel Auto Feed shredders.

ACCO Brands has launched the first in a series of white papers exploring Auto Feed opportunities for dealers in more depth. For more information and to download the full white paper for free, please visit: www.rexeleurope.com/autofeedwhitepaper

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1Calculations based on total sheets shredded during shredder life test. Labour hours based on Intertek independent performance testing, shredding 500 sheets using an Auto Feed and comparing it against a competitor manual feed shredder. Based on average EU hourly wage from OECD.