The effects of filing methods on job performance

Attention to ergonomics has been found to have a number of substantial positive impacts on employees’ productivity. Whether it’s finding the right workplace temperature, providing adequate lighting levels or ensuring office workers’ comfort, creating a comfortable and enjoyable working environment has become increasingly important.

More specifically, there are many benefits to ensuring that the working environment remains tidy and organised, and effective filing is just one way to help this. We’ve looked at just a few of the positive impacts that filing can have on employee job performance and the wider office community.

  1. The desk is a microcosm for your mind

Research by Harvard Business Review has found that employees are more likely to remain clear minded and focused if their surroundings are tidy and organised, increasing productivity and efficiency. Equally, filing can be very satisfying and leave employees feeling satisfied and content.

If documents are all kept in one place and are organised systematically, for example alphabetically or by project, then you and your team will also be able to locate files more quickly and easily.

  1. A feeling of control

The same study by Harvard Business Review has also shown that workers are likely to feel more satisfied if they are in control at work, and are therefore more likely to self-regulate and remain in control of their workload. Filing can help them feel more in control as they can access their work when they like and organise it how they like.

  1. Focus

A study by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute concluded that a cluttered environment distracts the brain to the extent that information is processed less effectively. Therefore, ensuring that all documents and tasks are neatly filed away helps to keep your workspace clear and uncluttered, improving focus on tasks. Filing helps employees to focus on one task at a time, enabling them to prioritise their workload.

  1. Tracking progress

Continually filing work enables employees to easily see what work has already been completed, by themselves and colleagues, and to what extent, allowing them to easily keep track of progress and accountability on multiple projects. It also helps to reach a sense of achievement when a document or a project is completed and can be filed away.

  1. Data protection

Particularly as we approach the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May 2018, data protection is very important to any business. Having an effective and reliable filing system ensures that organisations can keep track of all documents and keep them secure, therefore helping to avoid loss of documents and security breaches.

It also helps businesses keep track of the data and information they collect and store and makes it easier to destroy records if necessary, making their data protection policy more transparent. This helps with GDPR compliance.

Whilst it may seem like a reasonably simple task, adopting good filing habits can make a big difference to the working environment, positively impacting employees’ productivity and efficiency whilst also helping to implement GDPR compliance.

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