Document management has a high cost on company productivity

Each year, the average UK employee will print a staggering 10,000 sheets of paper, and of those 10,000 sheets it’s estimated that around 70% will be wasted. Research shows that as many as 1 in 20 printed documents are simply lost due to these high volumes of paper being introduced into the workplace,

It’s not just the environment that is being hurt by all of this printing; productivity is being affected. IDC reports indicate that issues arising from printed documents result in a 21% decrease in productivity for the entire organisation.

Searching for lost documents

When assessing the costs of printed documents, an irrefutable risk for a business is paper documents becoming damaged or misplaced. Without digital records important information can become irretrievable, leading to a multitude of issues for the company.

Inability to locate a document quickly for a prospective customer could lead to lost sales. Poor business decisions could be made based on insufficient data, while productivity decreases when employees are forced to seek help when they cannot access relevant information.

Unnecessary printing

The office printer itself also represents a significant drain on business resources. Managed Print UK estimates that as much as 5% of a company’s annual turnover is spent on printing costs, while IT departments dedicate a third of their time to printer issues.

But a developing problem is the printer acting as a source of distraction in the office. A survey by Brothers International Corporation found that 61% of employees would strike up conversation at the office printer whereas only 31% would do so at the water cooler. Time is also wasted while employees walk to and from the printer and their desk as well as waiting while other colleagues used printing facilities.

Organising your office

Evidence suggests that the disorganisation of paper documents can affect the office atmosphere. 80% of office workers in a recent survey agreed that one disorganised employee affects the productivity of the entire office.

There are a number of solutions available for the issue of document printing and management. Firms could introduce controls to track individual paper and printing use. Also, the introduction of organisation solutions for the office such as document storage systems, filing and labelling will reduce the time spent locating necessary documents and boost productivity considerably.

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