Creating stand-out documents

We often forget that printed documents are not only judged by their contents but also by their appearance. While in some cases, presentation is not always the first consideration when reviewing a particular document, there are many instances where a document does need to stand out visually, in order for it to be considered impressive. Examples of this include:

  • CVs
  • Official correspondences
  • Business proposals
  • Article submissions
  • End of year financial reports
  • University dissertations

Presentation makes perfect

So we know the types of documents that will require a good standard of presentation as well as insightful contents. But how do we improve the look of documents to ensure they stand out and how can we keep them protected, to avoid any damage occurring to key pages? Here are some top tools we recommend investing in, that will help enhance your document presentation:

  1. Paper trimmer: Ensure every page of your printed booklet is uniform or resize a presentation poster with the help of a trimmer. Trimmers provide fast and effective cutting for home or office projects, giving a professional and consistent finish on a number of document types.

  1. Binding machine: Transform a bundle of plain printed pages, be that a proposal or student dissertation, into a sleek and professional book with the help of a binder. Find advice and tips on making the best use of a binder here.


  1. Laminator: Laminating is a great way to protect and enhance important documents, posters or printed presentation graphics. For example, simply putting a one-page corporate letter in a laminating pouch can turn a dull document into a polished printed announcement. Find the best laminator for you here.

Invest for success

Investing in tools such as binders and laminators may seem like a lot of trouble just to be able to make your printed documents look well turned out, but they may well be the key to standing out to the employer who has received your CV, the potential new client reviewing your proposal or the lecturer who is assessing your final dissertation. As well as this, those that own a binder and laminator will find that they are not simply tools for professional use. In fact both tools are just as useful at home in a variety of ways.

GBC believes in the power of a stand–out document, delivering innovative document finishing tools that enable users to create printed documents that leave a lasting impression. 2017 marks the 70th Anniversary of GBC. Since 1947, the brand has stayed at the forefront of cutting edge developments in the print finishing market. To find out more about GBC, please visit our website or follow @gbceurope on Twitter.