Communicating with confidence

Speaking in front of an audience, in a major presentation or during a team brainstorm can seem daunting. There are a few simple tips and tricks that can help to build up your confidence and communicate effectively.

Enhancing your skills

Before your next group brainstorm or presentation, here are three ways to help you communicate confidently:

  1. Invest in visual aids – having some visual aids to accompany you whilst speaking is highly effective and can be comforting. Whiteboards are essential for facilitating a fluid brainstorm and can add an extra dimension to a presentation. Presentation laser pointers are also a great way of avoiding performing contortion in front of the projector screen when trying to point out specific points!
  2. Take the time to prepare – preparation is key. Write points on cue cards to refer to in order to ensure you communicate your key points and also incorporate visuals that your audience will engage with. If you are feeling nervous, visiting the room you will be speaking in beforehand is a great tip, so when the time comes, you feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings and know what equipment is or isn’t available.
  3. Introduce mind mapping – involve your audience by allocating time to flesh out ideas and discuss points raised during the session. Use whiteboard pens, a whiteboard or flipchart to display contributions from your audience. A mind map is also a creative way of showing your topic fits into the concerns or functions of your audience as you introduce your presentation. Find more advice on how to mind map successfully in this blog.

Choosing the perfect presentation aids 

Always ensure you have the correct tools to help you communicate confidently. Some are easier to find, for example marker pens, while others take more consideration. Choosing the right whiteboard is crucial, especially if you plan to include mind mapping in your presentation. Nobo offers a comprehensive range, from stunning glass boards to dry erase surfaces and more. To find your perfect whiteboard using Nobo’s selector tool, simply enter your size, erasability and durability requirements and Nobo will do the work for you!

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