Celebrate National Stationery Week in Style!

Even in the digital age, stationery remains an integral part of any workspace. It is not only useful in terms of its functionality to help us perform numerous tasks and be organised, but it also gives everyone the chance to express their personality. Desk accessories can transform a boring and ordinary desk into a customised, colourful and fun space to work.

Quality items last a long time and can become a mainstay of a desk, ultimately enhancing your workspace day-to-day. To mark National Stationery Week 2017, we are taking a look at the top tools that can help you to be proud of your desk.

Electric Stationery

Electric desk accessories are a great choice for anyone wishing to boost their productivity, when facing some labour intensive filing tasks at work. For example, an electric stapler can deal with large volumes of paper, making highly repetitive stapling jobs simple and consistent.

Space Saving Stationery

Having an array of accessories to hand certainly doesn’t have to mean your desk will be overloaded, leaving no space to work. Consider items that are specifically made to save precious desk space. Vertically standing staplers are a good example. They are designed to stand upright when not in use, making valuable room available on your desk to store your more of your favourite tools.

Colourful Stationery

It’s well known that certain colours, such as blue and green, can have a positive impact on our productivity and alertness. Brightly coloured accessories are not only useful but also jazz up a dull desk, allowing individuals to express their personal tastes and incorporate the bright colours that help them to work efficiently. Take a look at our bold and bright JOY range.

Simple Stationery

Sometimes even the most inconspicuous-looking item is incredibly useful. For example, an ID Guard may look simple on your desktop but in fact it will come in handy several times a day. Any desk will contain lots of personal information, from junk mail to company bills. An ID Guard ensures that your personal details are not clearly visible to identity thieves, allowing you to blank out names, addresses, date of birth and banking information.

Smart Stationery 

As the workplace gets smarter, so does our stationery. Productivity is a core focus for businesses worldwide and the tools used at work are all designed to ensure we perform all types of office tasks efficiently, to free up time for more important projects. Even scissors are getting smarter! Rexel’s X3 range of scissors provides 300% more cutting power than conventional scissors, making them a useful addition to any desktop.

Latest Stationery

Searching for something new to add to your supplies? A personal whiteboard is the perfect choice. A small memo board like the Diamond Glass Personal Desktop Pad gives any desk a stylish finish and is a great tool to display any important reminders, phone numbers or upcoming meetings to prepare for, in a place you won’t miss it. Glass is also the easiest to clean whiteboard surface, so it will always look smart and clean.

National Stationery Week brings together everyone who appreciates the tools they use everyday, to share their advice and tips on how to create a desk that not only enhances productivity but also stands out. We’d love to know your favourite desk accessory so please share in the comments.

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