Rexel’s guide to shredding at home

Most offices have various tech tools they use every day. However, the paper shredder is one of those tools that often get looked over for use in the home, even though it can have many benefits.

Shredders provide a sense of privacy that is hard to find with other types of technology. When documents are put through a shredder, they can no longer be the targets for identity thieves; shredding technology provides the peace of mind that the sensitive information is properly destroyed and irrecoverable. Although in the office this is regarded as vital protocol, it is also important to protect sensitive information in the home, such as personal mail, old credit cards or account statements.

Furthermore, with the May 2018 GDPR deadline nearing, shredding your documents is becoming exceedingly important because privacy laws are becoming more stringent. As businesses take steps to ensure they are in line with the new data security policies, why not take similar steps in your home?

With these benefits in mind, most people wonder what type of shredder they should buy. This blog will explore which shredders are best suited to the needs of you and your home.

Rexel JOY Shredder

This smart looking, functional and quiet Rexel JOY Shredder is perfect for personal use in the home. Available in Pretty Pink or Blissful Blue, it is the perfect accessory for an individual to ensure the sensitive information on your mail or bank statements are not infringed. The bright and bold colour options are vibrant and stylish, making them perfect for individual home offices.

Rexel Prostyle Cross Cut Shredder

 This smart, and space saving Rexel Prostyle Cross Cut Shredder is a personal shredder that offers cross cut security, cutting paper down to 4 x 35mm confetti-sized pieces (security level P-4). This guarantees a good level of security for the home and is ideal for those with a small home office and need to destroy documents with highly sensitive information.

Rexel Auto+ 130M Micro Cut Shredder

This Rexel Auto+ 130M Micro Cut Shredder is ideal for shredding batches of documents at any one time. It automatically shreds up to 130 sheets into P-5 (2 x 15mm) micro cut pieces, saving you 98% less time than manual feed shredders, and allowing you to continue with your daily tasks with the peace of mind your documents are being effectively destroyed. This shredder is ideal for a large home office for multiple people, who require a large quantity of physical documents to be destroyed.

If you need further assistance to decide which machine is best for your shredding needs, why not try the Rexel Shredder Selector? You just need to answer a few quick questions to find the shredders that best meet your needs.

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What are the benefits of on-site automatic paper shredding? 3 key questions answered by Rexel

It’s so much easier to take the hassle out of document shredding by giving the responsibility to a third party paper shredding services company to do it for you, right? Well. There are alternatives that can even save you money. Shredding on-site provides the peace of mind that the job is complete, to your expected standard, and deploying shredders across your estate means there’s one less contracted service eating into your profits each month.

  1. What are the benefits of automatic paper shredding on-site?

Too many companies have fallen victim to identity theft or scams because of information that has been obtained from a stolen or perhaps incorrectly shredded document.

Empowering staff onsite to take responsibility for document shredding provides a company with instant protection, not to mention the peace of mind it provides in knowing that companies, staff and customers are taking steps to protect their data. Rexel Auto Feed shredders shred through a stack of papers in one go. Once loaded the employee can walk away. This combats any productivity claim that an off-site shredding service will claim to save you. On site shredding also provides a safe and clean way of dealing with office clutter. After all, no one likes having piles of loose papers sitting around the office taking up space.

  1. How do automatic auto feed paper shredders work?

Batch shredding is a simple way of securely destroying a pile of papers at once … automatic feed shredding means you can Stack the paper into the shredder, Shut the lid and start shredding at the touch of a button, leaving you to return to your desk, and then before you know it, the job is Done! Batch shredding saves you and your co-workers valuable time, when compared to the hours spent using a manual feed shredder, feeding in each sheet one by one.

Watch our video which explains how auto feed shredders work here.

  1. How do I choose the right paper shredder?

Where do you start? Before selecting a shredder you’ll need to consider the number of users that will have access to the shredder, how many sheets can you shred at once and what level of security do you need?

There are various levels of security, and whilst the main focus of shredding is always document security, some companies have to go above and beyond in order to comply with strict data protection laws, and this means that shredder security is paramount. Security levels are measured by a ‘P scale’, which relates directly to the cut the shredder provides. This ranges from P-1, to ultra secure Micro Cut with a security level of P-7

Rexel Shredder Selector

To help you decide which machine is best for your batch shredding needs, why not try the Rexel Shredder Selector? You just need to answer a few quick questions to find the shredders that best meet your needs. Follow us on Twitter @rexeleurope or visit our website for more advice on choosing the right shredder for your office.


Rexel’s top 5 paper shredders for small and medium businesses

Selecting the right paper shredder to use in an SME environment can be confusing. You will no doubt find a lot of information about shredder cut, security level, capacity and speed when researching different models, each claiming to be the right choice for an SME office. This can make the buying process confusing and often results in the purchase of a shredder that doesn’t fully meet your workplace requirements.

Rexel is here to help ensure you get the best shredder that suits your working environment, be that in the office or at home. Here are our top 5 paper shredders for small and medium businesses:

  1. Finance/ HR – Auto+ 750M
  • A high security shredder is essential for these departments. The Auto+ 750M shreds documents into 2,000 pieces providing the security demanded for financial and strategic documents.
  • Auto Feed technology allows up to 750 sheets to be shredded “hands-free” at one time which is ideal for departments generating a lot of printed documents

  1. Executive office – Auto+ 130M
  • Ideal for an executive office, the Auto+ 130M provides P-5 level security that shreds a document into 2,000 pieces. The bin stores up to 26L of shredded paper so doesn’t require emptying too frequently.
  • Documents of up to 130 pages can be loaded into the machine’s chamber and shredded at once.

  1. Marketing/ sales team – Mercury RLX20
  • This machine is designed for volume and is a strong alternative to shredding services that collect and shred off site. Jam Free and Self Clean technology guarantees hassle free and mess free shredding.
  • The RLX20 is designed to serve 20 users and will shred 1,100 sheets before the bin requires emptying.

  1. Warehouse staff – Rexel RLWX39
  • This is a wide entry shredder which means it can shred A3 as well as A4 sheets meaning it’s suitable for shredding delivery and packaging slips of all sizes.
  • A large 175L bin and the ability to cut through staples and paper clips with Jam Free and Self Clean capabilities make this a low maintenance machine ideal for a shift pattern, multi-user environment such as a warehouse.

  1. Home office – Promax RPX612
  • Many domestic shredders will shred for a few minutes and then need to cool down before shredding can continue. The Promax RPX612 overcomes this with superior cooling technology and will run for longer than equivalent models, making it ideal for people who shred in batches.
  • Promax’s small footprint and stylish design makes it ideal for the home office.

Choosing the right shredder for your team

Our interactive shredder selector will simply assess your specific shredding requirements and then provide you with its recommended models based on the information given. Start your shredder search here.

From large shredders to small machines, quiet shredders to models with high security Micro Cut capabilities, Rexel shredders meet all SME requirements. From now until 30th April 2017, you will also receive cashback when purchasing selected Mercury and Auto Feed shredders. Find out more by visiting the Rexel website or following us on Twitter @rexeleurope.





The story of Auto Feed


In 2008, ACCO Brands introduced the Rexel Auto Plus 500 shredder and changed the way businesses shred. The first shredder to use Auto Feed technology, it allowed users to reduce their time spent shredding at work and at home.

Since then, Rexel has continued to drive innovation. So what led the brand to develop the world’s first Auto Feed shredder? And how have new and improved Auto Feed technologies continued to enhance business shredding?

Manual feed shredding

Shredders are a vital tool in any workplace. Business people use them to destroy confidential documents on a regular basis, however they often found that a manual feed machine could not cope with high volumes of confidential files. A survey revealed several frustrations experienced by manual feed shredder users, with 64% of respondents stating that their biggest issue was paper jams while 43% cited frequent bin emptying as their main grievance.1

The loss of productivity caused by manual feed shredders was another issue for businesses. 48% of respondents felt that their machine took too long to shred a document. The machines were simply not sufficient for customer needs. 

The Age of Auto Feed

Taking these concerns on board, Rexel developed a machine that would make shredding productive. With research showing that 53% of shredder users tend to destroy their documents in batches, it was clear that a machine should accommodate this to help boost business productivity. The Auto Plus 500 shredder allowed the user to put a stack of papers inside the machine and leave it to shred automatically, significantly reducing the amount of time taken to destroy documents.

Since then, Rexel has continued to advance the way that businesses dispose of confidential information by improving and developing the capabilities of Auto Feed. In 2011, Rexel introduced a range of new Auto Feed models with Cross Cut technology, which could process up to 750 sheets of paper at once.

Data security became another priority for businesses, with PwC estimating in 2015 that a breach could cost up to €3.96m for a large organisation. Rexel listened to the security concerns of its customers, launching the Micro Cut range. Organisations could now shred more securely than ever, turning sensitive documents into unsalvageable confetti instead of strips of paper. 

The future of shredding 

Over the past eight years, business’ needs and priorities have changed dramatically. Auto Feed has turned traditional business shredding on its head, offering organisations a new and faster way of destroying documents. Comparisons show that it typically takes 14 minutes and 25 seconds to shred 500 sheets manually while an Auto Feed machine can handle the same volume of paper in just 14 seconds – a time saving of 98%2. These are productivity benefits that are invaluable to businesses, large or small.

There has never been a better time to upgrade to an Auto Feed shredder, as the technology continues to make significant changes in the shredding market. To find out more about our comprehensive range of machines and how they meet a variety of business needs, please visit or follow @rexeleurope on Twitter or LinkedIn Rexel Europe.


1 Evaluating Auto Feed Shredders. Prepared for ACCO Brands by Deep Blue Insight

2 Intertek independent testing, June 2012, comparing the Auto+ 500X to a traditional feed shredder at a similar price level

Selling Auto Feed to the European market

Rexel white paper infographic 2 160616 APPROVED

Launching in 2008, ACCO Brands’ first Auto Feed shredder, the Rexel Auto Plus 500 quickly proved to be popular across Europe. Key markets Germany, France and the UK enjoyed strong growth of the category as businesses took advantage of the benefits the technology offered to them. In fact, figures show that whilst the overall B2B shredding market was experiencing a slowdown in growth, Auto Feed was flourishing.

Rexel’s previous blog explored the opportunities that the Auto Feed market offers. So how can dealers reach out to Europe markets and introduce new customers to the category?

European expansion

After its introduction to the European shredding market, dealers and customers alike were quick to realise the benefits that Auto Feed technology offered, contributing to the category’s strong growth. In the lead were France, Germany and the UK, all showing positive growth. Figures from GfK reveal that from 2011 to 2015, value share of Auto Feed rose from 5.4% to 19% in the UK and between 2012 and 2015, value share grew from 5.4% to 17.5% in Germany and 14% to 29.1% in France. These figures are still rising, resulting in very attractive market conditions for office products dealers and presenting an unmissable opportunity to be at the forefront of new technologies.

Auto Feed technology offers a superior solution to manual shredding devices, meaning businesses are willing to pay the premium to enjoy the advantages. Comparison figures show that the value of Auto Feed is more than three times the price point of manual shredders. This is a lucrative opportunity for dealers which are already operating in key European markets, as well as those who wish to enter the category.

Motivations to shred

Following the quick uptake of Auto Feed shredding in Europe, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. So it’s important that dealers understand customer motivations to continue providing a solution that meets their needs. The popularity of secure shredding solutions can be attributed to increased security concerns and the introduction of EU data protection regulations. Businesses and individuals now have a legal responsibility to protect their data and third parties’, and to ensure that once used, it is destroyed properly and securely.

Productivity is another key motivator for the European market that dealers should be aware of. ONS statistics show that UK productivity rates are lagging behind France and Germany by 21%. Businesses will be looking to improve overall efficiency using new technologies that speed up essential office tasks. Auto Feed technology ensures fast and pain free shredding of up to 750 document pages at once, removing the need to waste valuable working time destroying paper manually.

Looking to the future

So where next for the Auto Feed market in Europe? Figures from ACCO Brands predict that the category could account for almost a third of the overall B2B shredder market by 2018, a huge leap from 4% in 2011. As Auto Feed continues to grow, dealers will have more opportunity to bring Auto Feed to new and existing customers in Europe.

To help facilitate market entry for dealers in Europe, ACCO Brands has launched two industry leading Auto Feed promotions offering customers up to €130 cash back or a Buy & Try trial on a range of models in the innovative Rexel Auto Feed range.

ACCO Brands recently launched the first of four white papers offering dealers in-depth insights into how Auto Feed technology has transformed the shredding market. To download the white paper, visit:


Entering the Auto Feed market

Rexel Auto Feed whitepaper infographic


In 2008, ACCO Brands launched its first Auto Feed shredder, the Rexel Auto Plus 500, followed by Cross Cut and Micro Cut models in 2011 and 2012. Since its introduction, market share for the Auto Feed category has continued to expand, reaching 20% of the overall B2B shredder market. Despite this huge growth and profit opportunity, research by ACCO Brands reveals that one third of dealers are not making the most of the category. So why isn’t every dealer fully exploiting the Auto Feed opportunity? And what is there to gain for dealers that are entering the Auto Feed category?

The current situation

Reviewing wider factors which could affect the B2B shredding market gives a clearer idea of why dealers may not be choosing to benefit from Auto Feed.

As more workplaces are implementing digital initiatives to reduce paper consumption, it’s easy to think that demand for shredding solutions is diminishing. However, figures show this is not the case. While managers are encouraging employees to only print what is necessary, organisations still rely heavily on paper. It’s estimated that 77.1 million tonnes of paper was consumed in Europe in 2014 and that global consumption of paper has increased by almost 50% since 1980. So it’s crucial that dealers continue to reach out to customers and provide them with an efficient shredding solution.

Dealers entering the Auto Feed category are benefitting greatly from its rewards, including consistent year on year growth in European markets. As well as this, the innovative technology of Auto Feed machines justifies a higher price point than traditional shredders, offering greater returns for dealers.

Communicating the advantages of Auto Feed

Auto Feed offers a range of productivity, time saving and information security benefits to customers. The technology allows users to shred multiple sheets of paper at once with little manual handling. Documents are also rendered unreadable to protect the sensitive data which they may contain. Conveying these advantages is essential to appeal to customers facing pressures to deliver cost savings while enabling productivity improvements. Businesses still consume vast amounts of paper and it is inevitable that printed documents will contain large amounts of sensitive information. Therefore it’s critical that companies have measures in place to securely and quickly destroy documents, making shredders a worthwhile investment in any workplace.

Rexel’s Auto Feed machines destroy up to 750 sheets in 98% less time than a manual shredding solution. Cross Cut and Micro Cut capabilities leave each document illegible, further reducing the risk of costly company data leaks. Dealers can also take advantage of the value for money the range offers to customers. Comparisons between manual and Auto Feed shredding show that it costs just £0.001 (€0.001) to shred one sheet of paper using Auto Feed, meaning it costs up to 90% less than a manual machine in employee productivity terms.1

To make it even easier for dealers to attract new customers to make the switch to Auto Feed, ACCO Brands is currently running an industry leading Cashback offer of up to £100 (€130) and a Buy & Try trial offer on models in its range of Rexel Auto Feed shredders.

ACCO Brands has launched the first in a series of white papers exploring Auto Feed opportunities for dealers in more depth. For more information and to download the full white paper for free, please visit:

To find out more about the Auto Feed range, follow us on Twitter @RexelEurope or LinkedIn Rexel Europe.


1Calculations based on total sheets shredded during shredder life test. Labour hours based on Intertek independent performance testing, shredding 500 sheets using an Auto Feed and comparing it against a competitor manual feed shredder. Based on average EU hourly wage from OECD.