The effects of filing methods on job performance

Attention to ergonomics has been found to have a number of substantial positive impacts on employees’ productivity. Whether it’s finding the right workplace temperature, providing adequate lighting levels or ensuring office workers’ comfort, creating a comfortable and enjoyable working environment has become increasingly important.

More specifically, there are many benefits to ensuring that the working environment remains tidy and organised, and effective filing is just one way to help this. We’ve looked at just a few of the positive impacts that filing can have on employee job performance and the wider office community.

  1. The desk is a microcosm for your mind

Research by Harvard Business Review has found that employees are more likely to remain clear minded and focused if their surroundings are tidy and organised, increasing productivity and efficiency. Equally, filing can be very satisfying and leave employees feeling satisfied and content.

If documents are all kept in one place and are organised systematically, for example alphabetically or by project, then you and your team will also be able to locate files more quickly and easily.

  1. A feeling of control

The same study by Harvard Business Review has also shown that workers are likely to feel more satisfied if they are in control at work, and are therefore more likely to self-regulate and remain in control of their workload. Filing can help them feel more in control as they can access their work when they like and organise it how they like.

  1. Focus

A study by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute concluded that a cluttered environment distracts the brain to the extent that information is processed less effectively. Therefore, ensuring that all documents and tasks are neatly filed away helps to keep your workspace clear and uncluttered, improving focus on tasks. Filing helps employees to focus on one task at a time, enabling them to prioritise their workload.

  1. Tracking progress

Continually filing work enables employees to easily see what work has already been completed, by themselves and colleagues, and to what extent, allowing them to easily keep track of progress and accountability on multiple projects. It also helps to reach a sense of achievement when a document or a project is completed and can be filed away.

  1. Data protection

Particularly as we approach the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May 2018, data protection is very important to any business. Having an effective and reliable filing system ensures that organisations can keep track of all documents and keep them secure, therefore helping to avoid loss of documents and security breaches.

It also helps businesses keep track of the data and information they collect and store and makes it easier to destroy records if necessary, making their data protection policy more transparent. This helps with GDPR compliance.

Whilst it may seem like a reasonably simple task, adopting good filing habits can make a big difference to the working environment, positively impacting employees’ productivity and efficiency whilst also helping to implement GDPR compliance.

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Getting your business in order – tips for SMEs

An organised business is a productive business. According to research conducted by Brother International Corporation, the average employee spends up to 76 hours per year looking for misplaced items in the office or on their computer, costing €149billion in lost productivity every year. This proves why being organised is such an indispensible skill for small businesses, especially in increasing the productivity levels of employees. Let’s now review in more detail some of the many advantages.

How does staying organised affect SMEs?

Lower stress levels

Working in a clean, neat and organised environment relieves stress and helps employees to think clearer. A cluttered workspace can result in a jumbled mind. Researchers from Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have shown that chaos and clutter infringe upon the ability to focus as physical clutter overloads the senses, making you feel stressed and anxious.

Increased productivity

Research from the National Association of Professional Organisations has proven a direct correlation between productivity and clutter. Disorder and mess are simply piles of distractions, causing a loss of focus, which negatively affects productivity levels. A clean workspace is also likely to encourage others in the office to work better, resulting in overall higher productivity levels.

More time

Imagine what could be achieved in the 76 hours the average employee wastes when looking for misplaced items and searching through endless computer files. By organising files and documents, relocating items becomes easier and quicker, allowing those 76 hours to be optimised for completing real work.

With the benefits of keeping organised now clear, how can the owners and team leaders of SMEs ensure that their staff stay productive?

  1. Provide the correct tools to shred

Decluttering and organising workspaces should not jeopardise the paper security levels of a business. Ensuring employees have the tools to safely and securely dispose of sensitive documents is highly important. Rexel Auto Feed shredders are not only efficient but save 98% of time spent at the shredder. To learn more on how to find the right shredder for your business, browse Rexel’s Shredder Buying Guide.

  1. Keep a stocked stationery cupboard

Maintaining a fully stocked stationery cupboard enables employees to access the essential tools they may need on a daily basis. This prevents employees wasting time sourcing their own stationery items. Instead, by providing stationery, employees have no excuse to keep a disorganised, messy workspace.

The stationery cupboard should also provide for all employees filing needs, including Lever Arch files, plastic wallets and folders, staplers and hole punches. This encourages staff to maintain their own information management systems, which are key to sustaining an organised business.

  1. Provide desk accessories for all

Desk accessories help to keep your workspace tidy and organised. Desk organisers offer a convenient means of dealing with high activity areas, for example, tiered letter trays can help to prioritise work loads, whilst desk tidies are perfect for storing pens and pencils. By providing desk accessories for all employees, organisation is encouraged from the outset of their employment.

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Creating stand-out documents

We often forget that printed documents are not only judged by their contents but also by their appearance. While in some cases, presentation is not always the first consideration when reviewing a particular document, there are many instances where a document does need to stand out visually, in order for it to be considered impressive. Examples of this include:

  • CVs
  • Official correspondences
  • Business proposals
  • Article submissions
  • End of year financial reports
  • University dissertations

Presentation makes perfect

So we know the types of documents that will require a good standard of presentation as well as insightful contents. But how do we improve the look of documents to ensure they stand out and how can we keep them protected, to avoid any damage occurring to key pages? Here are some top tools we recommend investing in, that will help enhance your document presentation:

  1. Paper trimmer: Ensure every page of your printed booklet is uniform or resize a presentation poster with the help of a trimmer. Trimmers provide fast and effective cutting for home or office projects, giving a professional and consistent finish on a number of document types.

  1. Binding machine: Transform a bundle of plain printed pages, be that a proposal or student dissertation, into a sleek and professional book with the help of a binder. Find advice and tips on making the best use of a binder here.


  1. Laminator: Laminating is a great way to protect and enhance important documents, posters or printed presentation graphics. For example, simply putting a one-page corporate letter in a laminating pouch can turn a dull document into a polished printed announcement. Find the best laminator for you here.

Invest for success

Investing in tools such as binders and laminators may seem like a lot of trouble just to be able to make your printed documents look well turned out, but they may well be the key to standing out to the employer who has received your CV, the potential new client reviewing your proposal or the lecturer who is assessing your final dissertation. As well as this, those that own a binder and laminator will find that they are not simply tools for professional use. In fact both tools are just as useful at home in a variety of ways.

GBC believes in the power of a stand–out document, delivering innovative document finishing tools that enable users to create printed documents that leave a lasting impression. 2017 marks the 70th Anniversary of GBC. Since 1947, the brand has stayed at the forefront of cutting edge developments in the print finishing market. To find out more about GBC, please visit our website or follow @gbceurope on Twitter.

Celebrate National Stationery Week in Style!

Even in the digital age, stationery remains an integral part of any workspace. It is not only useful in terms of its functionality to help us perform numerous tasks and be organised, but it also gives everyone the chance to express their personality. Desk accessories can transform a boring and ordinary desk into a customised, colourful and fun space to work.

Quality items last a long time and can become a mainstay of a desk, ultimately enhancing your workspace day-to-day. To mark National Stationery Week 2017, we are taking a look at the top tools that can help you to be proud of your desk.

Electric Stationery

Electric desk accessories are a great choice for anyone wishing to boost their productivity, when facing some labour intensive filing tasks at work. For example, an electric stapler can deal with large volumes of paper, making highly repetitive stapling jobs simple and consistent.

Space Saving Stationery

Having an array of accessories to hand certainly doesn’t have to mean your desk will be overloaded, leaving no space to work. Consider items that are specifically made to save precious desk space. Vertically standing staplers are a good example. They are designed to stand upright when not in use, making valuable room available on your desk to store your more of your favourite tools.

Colourful Stationery

It’s well known that certain colours, such as blue and green, can have a positive impact on our productivity and alertness. Brightly coloured accessories are not only useful but also jazz up a dull desk, allowing individuals to express their personal tastes and incorporate the bright colours that help them to work efficiently. Take a look at our bold and bright JOY range.

Simple Stationery

Sometimes even the most inconspicuous-looking item is incredibly useful. For example, an ID Guard may look simple on your desktop but in fact it will come in handy several times a day. Any desk will contain lots of personal information, from junk mail to company bills. An ID Guard ensures that your personal details are not clearly visible to identity thieves, allowing you to blank out names, addresses, date of birth and banking information.

Smart Stationery 

As the workplace gets smarter, so does our stationery. Productivity is a core focus for businesses worldwide and the tools used at work are all designed to ensure we perform all types of office tasks efficiently, to free up time for more important projects. Even scissors are getting smarter! Rexel’s X3 range of scissors provides 300% more cutting power than conventional scissors, making them a useful addition to any desktop.

Latest Stationery

Searching for something new to add to your supplies? A personal whiteboard is the perfect choice. A small memo board like the Diamond Glass Personal Desktop Pad gives any desk a stylish finish and is a great tool to display any important reminders, phone numbers or upcoming meetings to prepare for, in a place you won’t miss it. Glass is also the easiest to clean whiteboard surface, so it will always look smart and clean.

National Stationery Week brings together everyone who appreciates the tools they use everyday, to share their advice and tips on how to create a desk that not only enhances productivity but also stands out. We’d love to know your favourite desk accessory so please share in the comments.

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Communicating with confidence

Speaking in front of an audience, in a major presentation or during a team brainstorm can seem daunting. There are a few simple tips and tricks that can help to build up your confidence and communicate effectively.

Enhancing your skills

Before your next group brainstorm or presentation, here are three ways to help you communicate confidently:

  1. Invest in visual aids – having some visual aids to accompany you whilst speaking is highly effective and can be comforting. Whiteboards are essential for facilitating a fluid brainstorm and can add an extra dimension to a presentation. Presentation laser pointers are also a great way of avoiding performing contortion in front of the projector screen when trying to point out specific points!
  2. Take the time to prepare – preparation is key. Write points on cue cards to refer to in order to ensure you communicate your key points and also incorporate visuals that your audience will engage with. If you are feeling nervous, visiting the room you will be speaking in beforehand is a great tip, so when the time comes, you feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings and know what equipment is or isn’t available.
  3. Introduce mind mapping – involve your audience by allocating time to flesh out ideas and discuss points raised during the session. Use whiteboard pens, a whiteboard or flipchart to display contributions from your audience. A mind map is also a creative way of showing your topic fits into the concerns or functions of your audience as you introduce your presentation. Find more advice on how to mind map successfully in this blog.

Choosing the perfect presentation aids 

Always ensure you have the correct tools to help you communicate confidently. Some are easier to find, for example marker pens, while others take more consideration. Choosing the right whiteboard is crucial, especially if you plan to include mind mapping in your presentation. Nobo offers a comprehensive range, from stunning glass boards to dry erase surfaces and more. To find your perfect whiteboard using Nobo’s selector tool, simply enter your size, erasability and durability requirements and Nobo will do the work for you!

This year, Nobo is also running an exciting prize draw where one lucky winner will receive a £5,000 makeover for their office. There are also 15 desk makeovers to be won each month. To enter, simply purchase a participating Nobo product between 1st January and 31st December 2017. Visit Nobo’s website to find out more.


Organise your desk this National Clean Off Your Desk Day and get ahead


Monday 9th January marks National Clean Off Your Desk Day, where everyone is encouraged to kick off the New Year with an organised workspace. So, why is it important that our desks are kept clean and tidy? It’s simple – desk clutter results in unorganised and inefficient working practices.

An untidy desk also affects relationships in the workplace. Research by Adecco revealed that more than half of colleagues will judge each other, based on how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces. So, if you’re set on achieving promotion this year a tidy desk could be a good place to start, it certainly won’t do you any harm!

With this in mind, target having an organised workspace this Monday and start the year as you mean to go on. Here are our top tips to creating the perfect workspace:

  1. Organise, organise, organise – Dedicate time to sorting through loose papers, shredding anything no longer needed and storing anything that needs to be kept, in cabinets or document box files. If you don’t refer to a document on a daily basis, does it really need to occupy valuable desk space?
  1. Accessorise – Smart desk accessories are essential to ensure your workspace stays organised for the duration of 2017! Desk organisers ensure that frequently used pens and calculators are within easy reach and are especially useful when drawer space is limited. And don’t underestimate the impact the right stapler or calculator positioned on your desk can have on how others perceive you.
  1. See the light – A smart daylight desk lamp not only makes a design statement and brightens your desk but can also brighten your mood and increase positivity.

A few simple changes can have a big impact on not only your desk but also your entire approach to work. As office workers everywhere take part in Clean Off Your Desk Day this year, make sure that your workspace is sufficiently organised to ensure your clean desk lasts more than 24 hours.

At Rexel, we’re dedicated to improving your work environment. Our new ActiVita range includes daylight lamps, air cleaners and noise reduction panels to help improve the comfort of any office environment.

To find out more about our desk tools and stationery, visit and follow us on Twitter @RexelEurope

Stationery offers limitless possibilities


The digital age has not dampened Europe’s love of stationery. Staplers, hole punchers, desk organisers, filing trays, highlighters, scissors – you’ll find them all in abundance in most offices.

That’s because stationery is an essential aspect of any workplace. Used to complete a variety of tasks, stationery helps to keep the entire office organised. But why do so many people in workplaces around the world love it?

Stationery boosts employee creativity

Stationery is all about variety and the different categories are endless. This rich array of equipment can have a profound impact on working practices and particularly, the creativity of employees. Described as having the ability to “unleash creative potential,” stationery is looked upon by some as a source of limitless possibility. It’s assuring to know that in a moment of inspiration there’s always a notebook and pen to hand.

Even individual items can be a source of creativity. The JOY stationery range combines standout colours and ergonomic designs to help users feel stimulated in the workplace. Thanks to the newly extended range, employees can even coordinate a wide range of essential tools.

Supporting productive working

Keeping a rich supply of stationery in offices will not only aid creativity among employees but also to improve productivity. In fact, the JOY colours were selected due to their ability to help stimulate the brain to work efficiently. Using stationery to maintain an efficient workplace seems simple enough, but research shows an employee’s lack of organisation can in fact be responsible for creating a negative impression with colleagues. Surprisingly, a survey by Adecco revealed 57% of respondents would judge their colleagues on a messy desk.

Keeping offices running smoothly is a big part of optimising productivity and stationery plays a vital role in organisation. Even though documents are increasingly stored online, the offline filing system still needs regular attention.

A survey of 1500 workers recently found that 72% admitted to feeling less productive when working in a disorganised office – so it’s clear how important a tidy office really is.

Managing stationery in the workplace

It is common for office tools to regularly go missing throughout the year. A great way to get the best out of stationery is to introduce a ‘stationery amnesty’. Employees can set out some time to go through the office stationery cupboard, empty their drawers and throw away anything that’s broken. Replenishing low stocks and discarding faulty items will be a great way to ensure that stationery stock is always kept in check.

Rexel is constantly redesigning its product lines to provide the essential tools for maintaining a productive office. If you would like to find out more about the JOY stationery range and receive special offers and product update news, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

Office layout: how can it improve productivity?

Office development

Over the past century, offices have seen many variations in layout and style. The impact of an office’s design on employee productivity is a widely debated topic and studies have been conducted to determine whether a change in office layout affects the productive output of employees.

In the 1920s, offices had a simple but sombre feel. Desks often faced a supervisor, with one employee sat at each desk, as this was believed to maximise productivity. The office cubicle was introduced in the 1960s, allowing employees the chance to experience their very own miniature office environment. The open plan office style arrived in the 1990s and has stood the test of time, as it is still widely adopted by organisations.

Impacting productivity

So does the open plan office layout help or hinder employee productivity? Created to promote a flexible and collaborative working environment, the thinking behind it was for management to keep employees positive and productive by encouraging spontaneous and innovative conversation across the office floor. Figures from GSK found that after moving to an open layout, email traffic dropped by 50%, also resulting in increased productivity rates. Many companies cite that their use of an open office layout has even led to the generation of creative ideas by employees not originally involved in discussions.

Despite the positives, multiple studies have exposed the disadvantages of an open office. Ipsos published a study revealing that 85% of people were dissatisfied with their workspace, as they were unable to concentrate. Privacy was also highlighted as an issue with only 41% of those surveyed stating they could work privately.

A collaborative office layout can also impact on sickness rates. Employees working in offices with an open plan layout had on average 70% more sick days than those who worked from home according to one survey. Organisational psychologists also found that the increased amount of disruption occurring in an open office reduced employee concentration and motivation, subsequently lowering a company’s productivity. A Gallup report suggested the overall employee disengagement caused by office layout is costing UK businesses a minimum of £52 billion.

The search for a new office layout

New office environments that promote productivity more effectively are being explored. A ‘virtual office’ is considered to be the ideal solution for many companies; it allows staff to create their own working environment suited to their individual requirements and increases staff wellbeing through decreased travel time. Managers using virtual office schemes have reported a surge in productivity, as employees become more goal orientated instead of focusing on the number of hours they spend at work.

Every employee requires the right tools to enhance the productive atmosphere that the layout of their office aims to create. The Rexel team is committed to supporting a productive working environment by focusing on the development of new products that use cutting edge technology. If you’d like to receive the latest updates and offers, sign up to our newsletter here 


Document management has a high cost on company productivity

Each year, the average UK employee will print a staggering 10,000 sheets of paper, and of those 10,000 sheets it’s estimated that around 70% will be wasted. Research shows that as many as 1 in 20 printed documents are simply lost due to these high volumes of paper being introduced into the workplace,

It’s not just the environment that is being hurt by all of this printing; productivity is being affected. IDC reports indicate that issues arising from printed documents result in a 21% decrease in productivity for the entire organisation.

Searching for lost documents

When assessing the costs of printed documents, an irrefutable risk for a business is paper documents becoming damaged or misplaced. Without digital records important information can become irretrievable, leading to a multitude of issues for the company.

Inability to locate a document quickly for a prospective customer could lead to lost sales. Poor business decisions could be made based on insufficient data, while productivity decreases when employees are forced to seek help when they cannot access relevant information.

Unnecessary printing

The office printer itself also represents a significant drain on business resources. Managed Print UK estimates that as much as 5% of a company’s annual turnover is spent on printing costs, while IT departments dedicate a third of their time to printer issues.

But a developing problem is the printer acting as a source of distraction in the office. A survey by Brothers International Corporation found that 61% of employees would strike up conversation at the office printer whereas only 31% would do so at the water cooler. Time is also wasted while employees walk to and from the printer and their desk as well as waiting while other colleagues used printing facilities.

Organising your office

Evidence suggests that the disorganisation of paper documents can affect the office atmosphere. 80% of office workers in a recent survey agreed that one disorganised employee affects the productivity of the entire office.

There are a number of solutions available for the issue of document printing and management. Firms could introduce controls to track individual paper and printing use. Also, the introduction of organisation solutions for the office such as document storage systems, filing and labelling will reduce the time spent locating necessary documents and boost productivity considerably.

Enhancing workplace organisation and productivity is a key objective for Rexel and we are continuing to develop new and innovative ways to support efficiency. To find out more and to sign up to receive our latest product news and updates, please follow this link.

It would be great to hear how your business controls printing costs and tracks documents. Share your tips in the comments section below.