Nobo’s top 3 whiteboard cleaning solutions

Whether in the classroom, the office or at home, whiteboards have become a staple of our daily lives. Yet due to their regular use, they can lose their bright white shine if not looked after properly.

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure your whiteboard is cleaned and maintained properly, in order to protect the board’s surface from ink stains, ghosting and a dull, off-white appearance.

This blog offers three solutions to the most common whiteboard cleaning problems to help you effectively and efficiently look after your board.

Solution 1 – Use Nobo’s Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser to get rid of your whiteboard’s dull off-white appearance

Regular use of whiteboards can create a dull off-white appearance on the whiteboard from using inappropriate cleaning products such as dirty erasers or cloths to wipe boards.

A fresh and effective board eraser can make all the difference when keeping your whiteboard clean. Dirty erasers, cloths or papers look unprofessional, and can also create more work in the long run as they spread ink all over the board surface.

Nobo’s Whiteboard Erasers save you time in maintenance, and the refill strips can be easily replaced to keep an effective eraser.

Top Tip: Use a Nobo Eraser to clean your board after each use to leave it in a good condition for the next user.

Solution 2 – Say goodbye to stains and ghosting with Nobo’s Everyday Whiteboard Cleaning Spray

Ink stains occur when ink has been left on a board surface for a long time, making it difficult to erase easily.

Ghosting appears when a pen is used on a poorly maintained surface. When the writing is erased it ‘lifts’ dirt off the board, leaving behind the white ghostly remnants of your previous text.

The best way to combat ink stains and ghosting is with a good cleaner, and Nobo’s Everyday Whiteboard Cleaner is a lighter cleaner that can be used to stop the stains and dirt on the board surface from building up.

Top Tip: Different whiteboard surfaces require different levels of cleaning. The better the surface, the less cleaning is needed.

Solution 3 – Restore your whiteboard with Nobo’s Whiteboard Renovator Spray

Is your whiteboard suffering from ink residue? Has it been a long time since you last cleaned your whiteboard? Use Nobo’s Renovator to recondition and restore all dry wipe surfaces to look and perform like new.

This should be used when your whiteboard has a dull, ink stained appearance or has ghosting that cannot be cleaned away.

Top Tip: Use the Nobo Whiteboard Renovator for extreme cases where boards have not been maintained.

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