Rexel’s guide to shredding at home

Most offices have various tech tools they use every day. However, the paper shredder is one of those tools that often get looked over for use in the home, even though it can have many benefits.

Shredders provide a sense of privacy that is hard to find with other types of technology. When documents are put through a shredder, they can no longer be the targets for identity thieves; shredding technology provides the peace of mind that the sensitive information is properly destroyed and irrecoverable. Although in the office this is regarded as vital protocol, it is also important to protect sensitive information in the home, such as personal mail, old credit cards or account statements.

Furthermore, with the May 2018 GDPR deadline nearing, shredding your documents is becoming exceedingly important because privacy laws are becoming more stringent. As businesses take steps to ensure they are in line with the new data security policies, why not take similar steps in your home?

With these benefits in mind, most people wonder what type of shredder they should buy. This blog will explore which shredders are best suited to the needs of you and your home.

Rexel JOY Shredder

This smart looking, functional and quiet Rexel JOY Shredder is perfect for personal use in the home. Available in Pretty Pink or Blissful Blue, it is the perfect accessory for an individual to ensure the sensitive information on your mail or bank statements are not infringed. The bright and bold colour options are vibrant and stylish, making them perfect for individual home offices.

Rexel Prostyle Cross Cut Shredder

 This smart, and space saving Rexel Prostyle Cross Cut Shredder is a personal shredder that offers cross cut security, cutting paper down to 4 x 35mm confetti-sized pieces (security level P-4). This guarantees a good level of security for the home and is ideal for those with a small home office and need to destroy documents with highly sensitive information.

Rexel Auto+ 130M Micro Cut Shredder

This Rexel Auto+ 130M Micro Cut Shredder is ideal for shredding batches of documents at any one time. It automatically shreds up to 130 sheets into P-5 (2 x 15mm) micro cut pieces, saving you 98% less time than manual feed shredders, and allowing you to continue with your daily tasks with the peace of mind your documents are being effectively destroyed. This shredder is ideal for a large home office for multiple people, who require a large quantity of physical documents to be destroyed.

If you need further assistance to decide which machine is best for your shredding needs, why not try the Rexel Shredder Selector? You just need to answer a few quick questions to find the shredders that best meet your needs.

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What are the benefits of on-site automatic paper shredding? 3 key questions answered by Rexel

It’s so much easier to take the hassle out of document shredding by giving the responsibility to a third party paper shredding services company to do it for you, right? Well. There are alternatives that can even save you money. Shredding on-site provides the peace of mind that the job is complete, to your expected standard, and deploying shredders across your estate means there’s one less contracted service eating into your profits each month.

  1. What are the benefits of automatic paper shredding on-site?

Too many companies have fallen victim to identity theft or scams because of information that has been obtained from a stolen or perhaps incorrectly shredded document.

Empowering staff onsite to take responsibility for document shredding provides a company with instant protection, not to mention the peace of mind it provides in knowing that companies, staff and customers are taking steps to protect their data. Rexel Auto Feed shredders shred through a stack of papers in one go. Once loaded the employee can walk away. This combats any productivity claim that an off-site shredding service will claim to save you. On site shredding also provides a safe and clean way of dealing with office clutter. After all, no one likes having piles of loose papers sitting around the office taking up space.

  1. How do automatic auto feed paper shredders work?

Batch shredding is a simple way of securely destroying a pile of papers at once … automatic feed shredding means you can Stack the paper into the shredder, Shut the lid and start shredding at the touch of a button, leaving you to return to your desk, and then before you know it, the job is Done! Batch shredding saves you and your co-workers valuable time, when compared to the hours spent using a manual feed shredder, feeding in each sheet one by one.

Watch our video which explains how auto feed shredders work here.

  1. How do I choose the right paper shredder?

Where do you start? Before selecting a shredder you’ll need to consider the number of users that will have access to the shredder, how many sheets can you shred at once and what level of security do you need?

There are various levels of security, and whilst the main focus of shredding is always document security, some companies have to go above and beyond in order to comply with strict data protection laws, and this means that shredder security is paramount. Security levels are measured by a ‘P scale’, which relates directly to the cut the shredder provides. This ranges from P-1, to ultra secure Micro Cut with a security level of P-7

Rexel Shredder Selector

To help you decide which machine is best for your batch shredding needs, why not try the Rexel Shredder Selector? You just need to answer a few quick questions to find the shredders that best meet your needs. Follow us on Twitter @rexeleurope or visit our website for more advice on choosing the right shredder for your office.