Can there ever be too much choice?

Have you ever tried to buy something for the first time and found the choice of products completely overwhelming? My first purchase of a WiFi router springs to mind. It was several years ago now and whilst I wanted the convenience of wireless surfing in my home, the technology and its terminology were all foreign to me. I started by browsing Amazon and was soon overwhelmed with the choice. I was so startled I didn’t buy anything!

A recent key insight here at Rexel was that our stapling range is also confusing. Stapling, what could be easier? But that’s the problem. We had made the assumption that because we knew why we had a product in the range so would everyone else! When we checked this out with you the user our assumption proved to be incorrect.

Anyone browsing the Rexel website recently will have noticed a brand new approach to our stapling pages. We have simplified our range into 4 easy to understand areas; Light Use, Everyday, Heavy Duty and Specialist / DIY. Each category is colour coded and has a simple description designed to direct browsers to where they want to go. We are currently in the process of reflecting this change on our packaging and will be working with our retail partners to have it displayed on their websites, in store and within catalogues. We trust you will appreciate the change!