Be bright about workplace light this summer

Rexel’s top workplace hacks for the sunny season

With summer in full swing and heat waves continuing to spread across the country, we see office workers desperate to get outside to get some well-deserved fresh air and sunshine.

Summer can bring a host of uncomfortable office conditions. So here are some tips to help keep you and your office colleagues comfortable this summer

Keep cool

If you are unable to offer air conditioning, employees can often become drowsy and unproductive when temperatures soar. The law does not state an ideal office temperature but the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers recommends the following temperatures for different working areas[1] :

  • Heavy work in factories: 13°C
  • Light work in factories: 16°C
  • Hospital wards and shops: 18°C
  • Offices and dining rooms: 20°C

Scientific studies confirm that indoor temperatures can significantly impact on productivity and the best performance ‘comfort zone’ lies between 22° C and 25° C[2].

A quick and cost effective way for employees to reduce temperatures in a workers personal space is a mini desk fan. Compact Rexel JOY desk fans provide a targeted cooling breeze and can be powered from PC USB ports to ensure they can be placed on the workers desk rather than where the next available plug socket happens to be.

Stay hydrated

It’s no surprise but drinking water will reduce body temperature and help workers to keep cool. Encourage workers to drink 2- 3 litres of water a day during the summer. Keep a bottle on your own desk to set the right example, and if you have a fridge, keep a few bottles stocked up so everyone has access to cool water. 

Shine the right light

It may surprise you to learn that daylight lamps are as popular in southern Europe where the sun shines as they are in colder, Northern European countries. That’s because employees who work in countries with more days of sunshine each year are more likely to ‘shut out the daylight’ to remain cool.

When it’s too hot to keep blinds open, relying on artificial light doesn’t need to mean your workforce needs to forego the benefits of natural daylight. Rexel’s ActiVita Daylight desk lamps use LEDs that mimic natural daylight, triggering benefits that will rejuvenate and energising workers.

Turn off electronics when not in use

Not only is it bad for the environment but it’s also going to add additional heat to the workplace from the start of the day. At the end of each day make sure you shut printers, scanners and computers down to give them a break from the heat too!

Dress smart

Being smart about what you wear in summer months will help you to combat climbing office heat too. If you are in a corporate office that requires suits, try and wear lighter, more breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Lighter colours will also reflect light so white and light greys are good options to consider.

Incorporating some of these simple tips could well be what you need to improve productivity levels and of course, your wellbeing and comfort at work.

Innovative Daylight Lamps by Rexel ActiVita not only deliver the energy boosting benefits of daylight but also enable users to choose and work with the light they need depending on the task, without impacting co-workers. To find out more about the Rexel ActiVita desk lamps, please visit the Rexel website or follow Rexel on Twitter @rexeleurope.