Breaking the boundaries with binding

Innovative artwork created using GBC binder as an essential tool

Using ordinary materials to create standout and thought provoking documents can be challenging, but that’s just what artist Philipp Gufler has done in his latest project. With prior work spanning a variety of media including print and video, Gufler’s latest piece is titled “Indirect Contact” and contains personal writings as well as a textual amendment and alteration of the German novel series “Die Geschichte der Empfindlichkeit” by Hubert Fichte to challenge the normalisation of sexuality.

Heightening the intrigue surrounding the book and elevating the work beyond that of a traditional printed piece relies on the artist’s original use of GBC ColourClear binding covers. Gufler printed his text directly on the semi-transparent binding covers, a process intended to “visualise the textual fragility and serve to demonstrate the transparency achieved by the textual deconstruction.”

Photo: Roman März, Berlin and BQ, Berlin. Courtesy of the artist and BQ, Berlin


These translucent coloured covers are typically used when binding documents to protect and enhance title pages. Gufler’s use of GBC’s binding covers to print the book creates a unique effect.

Gufler’s artist book was presented in the exhibition “Romankreisen” at BQ, Berlin. The limited edition print run includes 100 copies in English and 100 in German. His project demonstrates how it is possible to create stunning visual artwork from everyday materials.

Photo: Philipp Gufler. Courtesy of the artist and BQ, Berlin

Binding machines are a great way to add a spark of creativity in the traditional workplace environment, make your documents stand out and improve their durability. Have you ever thought about using a binding machine to create reference guides, instructional manuals, workbooks, kids craft books or school hand-outs?

There are various types of binding machines available, from comb binding to thermal binding. The type of bind you select will affect the end result and each adds a different look and feel to your document. Thermal binding uses heat to activate a strip of adhesive glue that firmly holds pages within a document, in a similar way to how many books or novels are bound. The results are permanent and pages can only be removed by tearing, making them a secure choice for document binding.

Take a look at the GBC guide on how to choose the best binder to discover what machine will allow you to take your presentations, displays and booklets to the next level.

Check out more works from Philipp Gufler by visiting his blog and find more details about his recent exhibitions at the Françoise Heitsch and BQ galleries.

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