Benefits of Staying Protected

There are countless ways in which businesses and consumers can get affected by identity theft and fraud. Poor business practices and inadequate security can lead businesses to a loss of clients, expensive fines and even liability suits. It simply isn’t possible for businesses to totally prevent identity fraud because of the human element involved. However, there are certain steps that you can take, and office products that can be used, to keep identity theft and fraud at a minimum. Here’s a bit of information about some of the best office products to prevent ID fraud.

1. Shredders
The utilization of a top quality shredder for shredding purposes is highly recommended at work. Identity fraud is extremely common, and just taking the simple step of shredding can help make sure that your personal information is not going to be used fraudulently. It is best for businesses to shred important official documents, credit cards and personal client information that can leak personal data.
The Swingline LX20-30 Super Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder is an economic solution for the entire office.

2. Security Envelopes
Envelopes are used rather commonly at all workplaces, but the thing with them is that anyone who wants to can easily see through them and eye its contents. This puts businesses at major risk of ID fraud. For this reason, it is vital that your employees use security envelopes instead. These are specialized envelopes that have a patterned tint that is typically printed on the inside. Mead security envelopes can be found at most major retailers and provide excellent security measures.

3. ID Theft Protection Rubber Stamps
ID theft protection rubber stamps are specialized stamps that have identity theft guards in place. These basically create a specific pattern that has the potential to hide every single bit of confidential information. This includes social security numbers, personal addresses and account numbers. ID theft protection rubber stamps are particularly meant to be used over bills, junk mail and bank statements. ACCO brands provides an assortment of ID theft prevention rubber stamps.

Strong security measures should be taken in any office to ensure important business, client and employee data is guarded from theft. The ACCO family of brands provides a full series of products to keep data safe.