Become A Boredom Buster To Boost Productivity

“Work smarter, not harder”, they say.
But as the working day passes in a blur of thankless tasks and demands, the old adage has become somewhat of a joke for the thousands of workers still chained to their desks as they watch the clock tick past home time.
Forced to labour through lunch, at evenings or even weekends to keep up with the ever-increasing load, work life for many has become an extension of the real thing.
But the worst bit is that all these hours of toil aren’t necessarily adding up to any productive work getting done. And that’s bad news for business.
With workers constantly fighting an endless barrage of emails, meetings, social media updates and conference calls, the workplace is becoming an increasingly fast and furious affair – with productivity sadly taking the back seat.
But despite the frantic exterior, staff asked to take on the never-ending stream of tedious tasks that are not challenging or motivational are suffering from boredom. Whether this is being asked to deal with outdated machinery and equipment that requires maximum work time for minimum results or act as a buffer for hundreds of daily emails, a bored workforce is an unproductive one.
A recent study into the working habits of office workers found that almost one quarter were ‘bored most of the time’ in their jobs, resulting in more stress, more absences and a desire to move to professional pastures new. The vast majority of workers say that being bored at work makes them lose concentration and more than half complain that hours spent on tedious tasks leads to mistakes being made. A small percentage even admitted turning to sabotage in a bid to stimulate themselves in the working environment.
Boredom affects work quality, productivity and efficiency – and the biggest cause is an undemanding work load filled with uninteresting and repetitive tasks.
The message to businesses is clear: Make sure staff are challenged in their roles and ensure outdated equipment is replaced with modern technology, like a Rexel Auto Feed Shredder that frees up staff from laborious and tedious tasks that zap the fun out of working. The simple fact is that productivity equals pounds.
Are uninspired workers hitting you in the pocket?

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