Audacious scams; could this ever happen to you?

We recently came across a fascinating blog entitled “Top 14 Financial Frauds of All Time”. As the title suggests the blog features 14 audacious frauds from history. Written in a witty manner the piece is highly amusing but underneath the light hearted stories lays a warning. At least 4 of the Top 14 feature identity theft as part of the scam.

The first scam that caught our attention was The Diamond Necklace Hoax of 1785. The story features a cleric in love with someone he believed to be Queen Marie Antoinette. Unfortunately his mistress was not the queen but a look a like who duped the cleric into purchasing a beautiful necklace using the queen’s credit line as a gift. The story does not have a happy ending; the ensuing scandal was a trigger for the French revolution.

This is an extreme case of identity theft but the statistics show this is a crime on the rise at a personal and a business level. One of the simple steps anyone can take is to destroy letters or documents containing personal or sensitive information.

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