It’s A Case Of Life Mirroring…Work

“Good grief, you look rough,” a work colleague muttered after another particularly dreadful and disheartening day in the office.

It was a charming observation – but sadly one that was 100% on the ball.

Feeling frazzled from the daily workplace treadmill had become something of the norm for not only myself but seemingly every other worker from every walk of life that I came into contact with.
After-work drinks that were formally fun affairs had turned into a miserly charade of down-in-the-dumps workers comparing who hated their jobs the most, and who looked the worst as a result. Nobody blinked an eye at the remarks because it’s apparently ok to comment on a friend’s ghastly appearance when said hideousness comes about as the result of a soul-destroying day in the office.

But the worst bit came when the communal moans came to an end, and our group of twenty-somethings in the prime of their work lives had no energy left to actually enjoy a slice of real life. Some were exhausted from a full throttle career that required super powers to succeed at, others were exhausted from the tedium of a boring slog of a job that had managed to seep out of the office and take the fun out of everything.
Shall I smarten up my appearance for a proper evening out? Some other time, maybe. Should I join a gym and start getting fit for the summer? What’s the point. Shall I make the effort to tidy the house and invite round friends? Nope, not this week, I just can’t be bothered.

In thousands of workplaces all across the country, and indeed the world, millions of workers are living the same tale – living the daily grind without really getting any work done. Some spend wasted hour upon wasted hour on laborious tasks that could be solved by investing in the right tools and technology while others run around attempting to juggle dozens of demands and orders.

Days, hours, minutes, even seconds are counted down and wished away by workers completely disillusioned with their jobs, most of them staff who have their skills and talents wasted on tedious tasks that drain them of motivation and inspiration.

But the sad fact is that work never truly stays in the office. If you’re unhappy and unproductive in the workplace, you can bet your home life will suffer too. Time to sort it out?

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