5 ways to make the most of your classroom whiteboard this year

A whiteboard is the cornerstone of any classroom, in school, college or university. It is a must-have tool that offers a number of uses, from brainstorming new ideas, breaking down and solving a problem, or as a means of displaying tasks or objectives for the lesson.

The perfect classroom whiteboard 

With so much choice, finding the right whiteboard for your classroom can be a tough choice. The Nobo whiteboard selector tool will suggest the best board, based on your requirements, including usage, size of room and surface type.

As well as a wall mounted whiteboard, consider also a mobile board or easel which students can also use whenever they need, to work through an idea or problem at their own pace.

5 great uses for your classroom whiteboard

There are several other uses for the classroom whiteboard that may not automatically spring to mind, so what better time than the start of the new academic year to think of some new and different ways to get use out of your board?

  1. Brainstorming ideas

Mapping and writing out suggestions from the class to develop into a full formed idea or plan is a great way to get creative juices flowing and encourage team working between students. Writing the thought process on your whiteboard enables members of the class to follow along and also revisit any previously discarded ideas to see if it can be reimagined to fit with the final project

  1. Ditch the pinboard

The whiteboard isn’t restricted to only use during class, it can also serve as a message board for any important updates or news, to keep everyone in the classroom up to date with what’s going on. This could range from reminders to hand in permission forms for an upcoming trip, dates for everyone’s diary or time of the next year assembly.

  1. Share a thought for the day

Similar to the message board concept, whiteboards can also be used for students and staff to add their thought for the day. Create a space on your whiteboard where the class can communicate with each other, and place a marker pen beside it so anyone can contribute, turning your ordinary board into a place for thought sharing and discussion between classmates.


  1. Test your class with a daily challenge

Put a word puzzle or brain teaser, relating to the subject you teach for example an equation for Maths or an anagram for English, on your whiteboard for the class to solve. Testing your pupils with a daily or weekly challenge will not only keep them entertained but helps to keep their minds active outside of their usual classwork.

  1. Record achievement of the week

Similar to a gold star chart, use your whiteboard to write the name of a student, who has performed well in class, has made great progress in a challenging area or has gone above and beyond the normal expectations of a pupil. Use the whiteboard to state why the particular person has been nominated, so classmates and other teachers can congratulate them for their hard work. Choose a different member of the class each week to nominate based on their performance, to ensure everyone has a turn.

A whiteboard is any teacher’s must trusted teaching aid. With so many great uses, your classroom whiteboard can help you to engage with your class on different levels and enhance their learning experience. As you get ready for the new academic year, why not try out of some of our suggestions to make the most out of your whiteboard? Leave a comment sharing the innovative ways you use your class board.

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