The Environment, Recycling, Discarded Rubbish and ID Theft

The trend towards recycling whether residential or in business has potentially given rise to an increase in identity theft. Whether it is the curb-side recycling bins outside your home, or specific re-cycling areas within / outside business premises,… Read More

Audacious scams (part 3); could this ever happen to you?

In the third of our features on the “Top 14 Financial Frauds of All Time” we turn our attention to my personal favourite; “The Eiffel Tower Sale” of 1925 This scam involved “Count” Victor Lustig who created a… Read More

Shredding Security Levels Explained

For many buying a paper shredder can be a confusing business. There is bin size, number of papers a machine can shred in a single go and then there is the security level. The first two are really… Read More

A Real Case of Identity Theft

In this blog we have been offering opinion on the issues associated with identity theft and advice to business and individuals on appropriate mitigating actions. Despite our heightened awareness of the issues there was still a feeling that… Read More

Why “My Fantasy Stapler”?

Consumer insight doesn’t just apply to new product development. At Rexel we try to use insight in everything we do. So what lies behind the recent launch of the competition “My Fantasy Stapler”? Our research has revealed some… Read More

Identity theft: Don’t be complacent

Twitter is a great source of information if you know how to use it. I recently came across a blog via a Tweet entitled “Identity Theft Part 2 – 5 More Identity Theft Myths Unveiled” The author, Robert… Read More