Champions League Punch!

To celebrate the success of Manchester United and FC Barcelona reaching the UEFA Champions League Final Rexel has designed a commemorative punch, incorporating the colours of both teams. As part of the My Fantasy Stapler competition our friends,… Read More

How Safe is Your Business?

Recently published statistics in the USA indicate that 3.7% of American adults have been victims of identity theft crime (Federal Trade Commission); In Europe that would indicate that 14.8 million adults have fallen victim to fraudsters. Research by… Read More

We’re Jammin … and I hope you like Jammin too!

The old Bob Marley favourite brings another key insight to mind. The biggest hate across a range of office / stationary products is that awful moment when they jam. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pouch jamming in… Read More

Audacious scams; could this ever happen to you?

We recently came across a fascinating blog entitled “Top 14 Financial Frauds of All Time”. As the title suggests the blog features 14 audacious frauds from history. Written in a witty manner the piece is highly amusing but… Read More

Storm “Cloud” Brewing?

2011 has been labelled by at least one commentator as the year of the breach! There seems to have been a constant stream of hacks, breaches and threats. So far this year major companies such as RSA, PayPal,… Read More

Everything we do is driven by you!

Rexel Auto+100 shredder The Ford Motor Company ran an advertising campaign under this headline in the mid 90s. Engaging images, backed by the Brian May / Queen track “Driven by You” assured the potential purchaser that every detail… Read More


So what’s this blog about and why are we doing it? Firstly, we aim to take you behind the scenes at Rexel and highlight the “why” behind the things that we do. At Rexel we use a process… Read More